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Don't lick the frosting off the eggs.
It's not really an issue of being lazy or practical.   If you honestly dislike doing something, who wouldn't pay a little extra to not have to mess with it?   And if its a money issue, the woman can spend her money as she sees fit.   I'm more than capable of changing the oil and doing a tuneup on my truck, but its so much easier and quicker to pay someone else to do it.  Frees me up to do other stuff too.
Screw him. Shame she didn't open him up too.   Instead, me and every other taxpaying Oklahoman get to foot the bill for his stay behind The Wall.   We don't BS around down here....someone gets shot and killed legally, the surviving offender is gonna pay.
Can't hit em anymore like we used to!  They done lost their fear of us!
Throw a jack russell terrier in with the rooster.  Tell the neighbor the dog got loose just as the rooster did!
I look at it like this....if I killed a thread,  I assume that I just posted the most awesomest answer in the history of mankind, and nobody can top it.
Id say siblings from a mixed breed pair then.
I don't even need to click on the link.   Cause that's how old I am!
Is it me or do those birds just look big??I'm leaning towards a tumbler cross of some sort.  I doubt very seriously that they are a purebred pigeon.  As far as which one is male or female, the male is most likely the one who struts, calls, and tries to breed the other one.
That's it????  Was there a contact number on his site?  They won't last long at that price!Actually, I'm kidding. I just spit my oatmeal all over the phone.  I owe that much on my truck.  I spent a month this past summer hunting in Cape York in Australia.  Fell in love with these birds when they'd call at dawn every morning.  I love exotic birds, but I think ill just enjoy the photos I took of them instead!Thanks for your legwork, franciscreek!
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