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Checking in
I hope the snow quits before I have to go back in to work.  The plows don't go through by 3am and driving in is awful when it's snowing like it is.
All are welcome.  My kids will be there.
We sell them and if they don't sell we take them to kings auction. I'd rather pay someone else to butcher.
Hi   We set another hatch yesterday morning.  Put in more NN eggs, hoping for fertility.  Some of our first hatch are showing the frizzle wing feathers now.   With everything that normally goes on at home we are also rebuilding a wall and pipes to the upstairs bathroom.  The project is turning out to be more than we planned.  Always is!
Travis said it's no problem to have a butchering demo.  It won't be a problem to dump the parts out in the back field and we'll have a separate area for it so those who don't want to participate don't have to see it.  I do have a big pot for water.  Travis and I will not be participating.  We have no desire to butcher for ourselves, but great for those who do.   We burn papers, compost, animals get food scraps, and recycle. When doing something large we drive it to the...
I need to talk to Travis about the butchering idea.  What comes to mind for me is that we don't have a regular trash pick up here or have a tractor to bury the excess body parts from the process.  We bring our birds that have died out to the back field, but a bird here or there doesn't smell as much to draw in predators.
You're on the list for rolls but I typed it up as buns. 
Hope everyone has a good night.   Don't forget to turn the clocks ahead tonight.
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