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Wow, that post was from 7 years ago... We tried the cow thing... didn't go well... no longer married. ;)
Boy, that was a very old post. Back then I had an actual business, and was shipping eggs all over the place, including Hawaii.  NPIP, and then some, was necessary. 
Please note that these do NOT work in the winter... the line may be heated but the water in the cup freezes, and the lever freezes with it.  Unless you can find some way to heat the cup, too, I wound up just switching to heated dog water bowls in the winter.  
So... everyone's birds survive this very long winter??? :D  With minimal heat, I hope!!
Aw, thanks Aart. It was fun while it lasted... But work is taking me away from home a lot, so I couldn't carry on the way I wanted anyway. I miss my Orpies the most.., such beautiful serene babies... Sigh.
The flitching was purchased at Dave's Woodworking on K-Beach road in Soldotna/Kenai.   If anyone is interested in buying the coop, it's on skids and is a 12x20' building.  Unfortunately, my life has been tossed around a bit, and I had to give up all the it's just sitting empty now.  
Try hanging it on the outside of the coop, and see if that changes anything... last I knew, they worked ok.  Can you find out what your ambient outdoor humidity is to check it against?
I've had several requests for permission to use my photos for other articles... By all means, any that I posted are available to use as needed with my blessings.
All I can say is observe your birds. If they're running around and eating and drinking, they're fine. If they sit on the roost and refuse to budge, then they're probably cold. Don't spoil them, but let them acclimate naturally in your area. Down to 0F they have been known to sleep outside voluntarily. Chickens are about 102F under those down coats.., if they have the means to tuck their feet and heads under their feathers and snuggle together, they will be fine. Just...
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