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These are more photos, not all were published, but Terry was kind enough to send them to me.        
These are Horstmasn/Kittle birds.  These photos appeared in the Reds Chronicle Spring 2013 edition.    
 People say all kinds of things when selling birds.  Unless you saw the adult stock from which they came, you just cannot know for certain what is being said is truthful.   Wilford Kittle and Dick Horstman have been working together and about t year ago, the Red Chronicle did a feature on Mr Kittle.  The article showed lots of photos of the birds.  Terry Wible was the reporter on the story. Mr Kittle has been breeding Reds for over 70 years. I've got lot of photos of the...
Since Layer is for laying birds, there is no reason to feed it until they are laying.
No, it is not a bad thing.  Mixed chicks sell.  BUT finding buyers for chicks isn't always easy.  Finding buyers of mixed chicks may prove even a bit harder, no way of knowing your market area.   Hatching chicks and then hoping to sell them may result in your have quite a few your must raise yourself.  Cockerels aren't easy to sell and mixed cockerels can be quite difficult.  Be sure you know what you're getting into with hatching chicks you don't personally want to keep.
They'd be mixes/mutts.  Some may "favor" one side more than the other, but they'd be mixed/mutts. The Orp has white skin while a red has yellow skin, so you see, they'd be mixed up, for sure.   However, if all you want is some backyard chickens for eggs or meat?  Sure.  They'd be just fine.  But they wouldn't be any breed.
Probably not ISA's, but they sure are cockerels.
Well, for us, we've all the breeds and strains we can handle.  Since I believe it important to do right by these birds, that means making the very best match-ups and hatching out a minimum of 50 chicks to have possible selections. No way we could do that if we have 6 different breeds or strains.  Just our reality.   I know what you mean about liking several breeds though.  But, I temper that with reality, most of the time.  If I don't? Old Man Winter comes a calling and...
Absolutely, Ron, we're on the same page.  I consider the Horstman/Kitle birds to be a huge cut above and good layers.   Not all these strains can meet everyone's needs and expectations.     You reckon that's why ol' Jimmy collected about all them, at one time, and tried them on for size?  
 It's a fact, Ron.  I have some. Nice birds.  But, still….  our Nelsons make you wet yourself a little bit.  
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