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 Scott, you have an early layer in your mix.  I seriously doubt that all the other females will lock step match her early performance.  You may see some as late as 28 weeks.  She is likely an exception, not the rule, but time will tell.  Did you feed high protein feed the entire time? Just curious. Getting an early layer gives you a breeding option.  If you wish to push on that trait, you certainly know which female to use.  Didn't you say earlier that she had very good...
 5 years of work.  Scott, you've worked hard on a variety that is incredibly rare.  I salute your dedication, the commitment of time and resources and all your hard work in preserving this super rare variety and to think how far you've come with starter birds that were woeful.    Kudos. I know most people do not comprehend just how rare good examples of certain varieties really are.  You exemplify what this thread is dedicated to showing.
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The ISA was/is a four way, four grandparent cross.  It was one of the earliest super layers.  Proprietary, of course.  Breeding flocks owned and the chemistry patented or licensed, I'm sure.   In the mix is no doubt Sussex, Brown Leghorn, RIR, silver White Rock, etc, etc,  It's all a guessing game.  In the end, it doesn't matter because after one gets done making proprietary grandparents, the grand product is a blend of egg laying genetics, for certain.   When we take...
 A thing of beauty. Truly.  Actually a back on the Rock. What a concept.  
I'm just watching this last little trio grow out.  I admit to pampering them.  They're a bit late to the party as we had a horrid and looooooong winter that pushed breeding way back and limited the numbers as well.   Just feed them and watch them grow, at this point, and hope for the best.      
This is my best Barred pullet of the year.  Here's her front view.     And from the rear.  She's very wide through the tail and it is for this reason, she wins the best BR pullet of the year award, here at the farm.  Very pleased to see that improvement.      I used an exceptional wide and full tailed male to get the improvement.  
 They sure do!!!!   This is THE most gangly awkward stage during which very few of them look worthwhile.  Two months from now, you'll turn around and gasp, "Whoa!!!  Big Boy.  Where'd you come from?" Promise.
cmom a member here breeds the true birds.  Send her a private message.   cmom
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