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 Good response, Bee.  Really good.
An sexually aggressive young cockerel is what he is.  Often a #2 or #3 cockerel, who suddenly gets a bunch of females at his pleasure, is simply too fired up.  He'll calm down with age, rest assured, but we might also consider pulling any overly submissive female who is allowing herself to be over ridden.    But, again, young cockerels are often over revved.  I wouldn't necessarily give such young males unlimited, free access to females. A case of too much too soon,...
Yup, looks pretty normal in color.
There are as many bands and opinions of those bands as Carters has liver pills.   Too many opinions for an open forum to be genuinely helpful.  I sometimes see a topic go on and on for pages on something and I wonder if the new folks just end up in ball of confusion.  I suspect.     Find someone you trust and who has experience and send them a private message and the information will be much more helpful, imho.    Like many things, having a mentor or mentors is helpful...
Theoretically, the Layer is supposed to provide all the calcium the laying bird needs.  However, supplementing is often done to ensure harder shells if the flock keeper decides the shells are too thin for the liking.  It takes more than calcium, however, to build strong shells.  
Yes you can.   But, do read the 8 or 9 posts above.  There's good information in them about being prepared to combat coccidiosis.
 Why thank you, Jill.  But you know where your eggs came from.  ​
I find that rather than having just one socket with say, a 40 watt bulb, I use a splitter and put two 25 watt bulbs in.  This is for insurance against the single bulb burning out.       The little "Y" adaptor is around $2.80 at Lowe's.   All you can do now is get the temps stable.  It may shock a few eggs and you may have lowered your hatch rate a bit, but carry on.  These thing often result in many chicks hatching.  
 There are photos of XW birds throughout this thread.  Scroll down through the first few pages of this thread alone and you will find many, many photos of XW Barred Rocks.   Welcome to the world of Standard bred Barred Rocks!!!
Lots of folks do, including me.  Most folks who keep the birds of that quality are on the Heritage Large Fowl thread or the Plymouth Rock Breeders thread.
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