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Yup.     He's the larger, earlier maturing male, for sure.  
As an old timer myself,  LOL, I sometimes forget when I say things that other folks may not take the meaning.  Sometimes, as an old timer, I just plain forget things.    Tom, I'm in search for these various "switches"  and yes, I believe there are more than one and how they work in combination or relationally (isn't completely understood in my mind) but, this is more fun than pressure laden work.  I enjoy this.  If you don't enjoy this you'll burn out quickly and get out...
OK, the thread starter believes she's received adequate guidance.  Thanks for your participation.
Standard bred, so called heritage stains of true Rhode Island Reds are likely friendly puppies.     The hatchery versions have long ago drifted from the Standard and are mass produced for production purposes, by and large.  They've often also been infused with touches of other breeds to make them even more production oriented.   The hatcheries business model is mass breeding.  The creates the "spoils go the most aggressive" and thus, the more aggressive the males are,...
Too soon to tell what it might be, but with yellow legs, it isn't a Marans (always with an "s")
Or just feed it.  No need to hold any back just for tossing, unless you want to.
They are not Rhode Island Reds. They are common Red Sex Links.   The purpose of making sex links is to sex them at hatch.  They are all pullets.  A cockerel would be most a creamy white.
OK, we're done here.  
  Follow the feed bag's schedule.  These feed companies are following the best science, costing millions of dollars in research monies.   High calcium fed to non laying birds is known to cause health issues and in some cases those issues are sobering.
Yes.  7' by 100'.  We buy the more sturdy product.  Around $75 at Home Depot.
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