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Vinegar would also work well, use straight white vinegar in a spray bottle, and treat the molded area about once a day for 5-8 days. Watch the area to see if there is any mold growth, and after a couple weeks, I would say it is fine to use some type of sealer, varnish, or paint. I recommend a polyurethane type varnish. It will seal the wood pretty good.
Very nice incubator, I just love that box, it looks like a vintage or antique box. It doesn't look tacky like most homemade incubators. It looks really good! Keep us updated. I would like to hear the progress!
I assume that the mold on the wood, is because the wood wasn't sealed with a lacquer or finish or paint. I suggest spraying diluted bleach onto it and letting it air dry. I would use the 1 part bleach to 3 parts water if I were you. You should rinse it after the bleach has dried to try and rid of the smell or vapors of the bleach. If you have eggs in this cabinet, I suggest putting them in the other cabinet, or another type of incubator, maybe a 'quick rigged hatcher.' I...
That sounds pretty cool. How big is it? Would it fit in a GQF cabinet incubator?
I have an Old THI10 Brower Top hatch. The egg turner on it just went out recently. I wish I could get a replacement bottom for mine.  
Yeah, this incubator should be suitable for hatching most all bird eggs. It probably doesn't have a window which will make it difficult to view the process of the chicks hatching. If you are in need of an incubator, I think this is a good one, but if you have one, I wouldn't mess with this one. The deal is pretty good, but it doesn't hold very many eggs, and has no viewing window, or egg turner.  
Yeah, it has lasted me for 2 years now. Have eggs in it right now, and still going strong!
Yeah, if you have a 100 egg incubator, use a 1 1/2" hole, every 200 eggs you add, add another 1 1/2" hole.  
X2     I have built 5 incubators so far, and I'm still learning. I just rewired a sewing machine and sewing machine foot pedal today and as simple as it was to do that, I learned a lot just from this experience. If you have any questions I would be happy to help, and I know that there are more than 1 electricians on BYC that could give you some help.
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