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. I don't have anything yet, I'm not sure what kind to get, need more info first.   If you plan to exrtact the honey, a Langstroth hive would be best. If you only want the bees for pollination, a top bar hive will work, but the honey comb must be cut off of the bars and can not be removed with an...
Merry Christmas everyone.
Is your hen broody or just roosting in the nest box? If she is broody she will stay in the nest box all day, not just at night.
 820 4th Ave. Bessemer Al.
 Chick starter from Thrashers in Bessemer. It is about 13 or 14 dollars for 50 lb., but I don't think you will need 50 lb. for a while.
 Welcome to BYC, and please send pictures.
 You will need to keep the humidity high at this point or the chicks will dry out and stick to the shell. They dry out quickly once they pip. 85% to 90% is a good number to shoot for. You can do this by putting a large shallow pan of warm water ( 99 to 100 deg.) in the incubator. You can increase the evaporation by putting sponges in the water. You will also need to keep the incubator closed to retain the moisture. Be patient, it can take 24 hours or longer for the chicks...
Two free chickens in Bessemer.
 how long on average does it take a nuk to fill one empty frame. Edited by Evelle - Today at 2:49 am     Very hard question to answer. It depends on a lot of things like; the number of bees in the nuc,, time of year, nectar flow, breed of the bees, health of the bees, if the frame is empty or has foundation in it, and the list goes on. Typically, an average size,(established) nuc. in good health and with a good nectar flow could fill one frame with foundation in...
Okay thanks for the info., I will try that. I have already opened up the brood nest and that has helped. If a queen is superceded where does she go? Does she leave with a swarm? All of my swarms have done really well. If a poor queen leaves with a swarm would she not continue to be a poor performer?
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