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About how old should the chicks be before you start the "acclimating"
My first attempt at a coop was to build a tractor, it turned out great ,was built from roughcut and had hinged top for egg collection on both sides.  Needed different housing for winter ,just in case they had to spend alot of time inside . Would have been ok if I didn't have 4 big buffs to fit in it( they aren't fat, they're poofy) lol.Actually the tractor is perfect for summer as they spend all of the daylight hours outside in the run.  Moved  to what was supposed to be...
One of my hens has something that looks like it has part of the egg whites in her poo, is it something to worry about?They usually free range but since we put them in the new coop they have been inside.
I have 6  babies that are about 3 1/2  to 4 wks old and it seems as though they are always starving. They trample each other and will attack any thing(including my hand) when it comes into the box. Is this normal? Also could someone please tell me how much I should be feeding them?
Alright ,everything is all set . As you can see the chickens  have a nice new coop, hubby has been very busy. I think they should like it much better although need to do something different in the spring because the floor is wood, gonna have to put down linoleum, and he needs to build actual nest boxes(more for the honey - do list)..Thanks everyone for the input it's very much appreciated!
I just came across this post in search of another topic and just wanted to chime in . I have 4 BO's and they all started laying on the same day!! The only problem with that is there is a line for the 1 nest box in the morning . At this point, out of the 4 I get 2 eggs -sometimes 3 everyday.
Thank you everyone,  I too feel that the tractor is too small- but on the bright side there usually isn't any significant snow here until mid to late December which gives me enough time to "regroup". My husband built a beautiful garden shed for me over the summer and is going to be none to thrilled with my new plan that is hatching as I type merrily along. I feel a move coming on!!!The shed is 8x8.
Thank you for the feedback,and oh yes, there will be more .Especially since I have 6 more chicks in the garage ( still too young to go out). I, wait, we have since raised the ramp to give the girls more room underneath and we are in the process of enclosing 3/4's of the whole contraption so the snow doesn't get in. My husband and I are not looking forward to going out to shovel the run but until we build a bigger unit.... BTW that little one in the pink  skirt gets in...
I have just recently been bitten by the "chicken bug" and I 'm lovin'it. Having said that , there are some problems with my tractor.I don't believe that my husband and I really thought about how ,errr, large my buff orps would get and the thought of them being stuck in a tiny tractor over the winter has me quite worried for their safety.This picture was taken upon completion and now that there are 4 fully grown buffs inside it seems rather small to house them comfortably...
Okay , another hijack... sorry!  I have rescued these chicks but have no idea what I got. If someone could take a little look-see it would be appreciated.
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