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This is a problem I had when i started with Giants. The SOP says that "complete absence of yellow" is a disqualification. The yellow varies from bird to bird in the same family of birds, and diet has alot to do with how bright the yellow they have does show up. And then when they are laying the yellow color in thier feet is the first part of their body to loose the yellow. Whew! Its a rather complex subject with Giants. Judge Frank Harris rubs the foot bottoms which will...
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Soaring Hawkes, I would like to see your birds sometime since you are here in NC. Your pics look great. Nice Birds.  I am trying to set up my breeders. The pullets are laying like mad. Hens are just finishing a moult. They are on lights and will recieve the "boys" this week.
I just spoke w a man in FL that has just bought  some of the last of Bobbi's lines from her. I understand she is selling out of giants to pursue dog showing. 
I hate to hear this Wil. I do understand. These big birds are alot of work.
I would like to vollenteer  to shoot you w pepper spray next time. Of course id be in line behind your wife.
The Cape Fear Poultry Club is Hosting thier fall show this Sat Dec 8th in Smithfield NC. Who's going? i'll be showing several Black Jersey Giants
Any one here on this thread going to the Smithfield NC poultry show this coming Sat Dec 8th besudes me?
I plan to go. 3rd year in a row. I show Large fowl Jersey Giants.
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