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Im interested in some of the runner eggs. How long will you be selling them for? I have no bator space right now. If you have a list please add me to it. If not, can I just contact you on here when I have some space?
Update: turner is working well, but inside of incubator is cold.
Hey guys, I found my dad's old 1266 in the barn and I plugged it in and the fan still works. I think that's the only thing that does haha. I turn the switch on for automatic turning and the red light in the side came on, so I'll go back in an hour and see how it's going. The manual rotating doesn't work so I think the auto won't work either. The last time I plugged it in the incubator didn't reach temperature and stopped around 93 I think, so heating element will need...
Does any have any pics of dick hortsmans polish? I'm interested in seeing pics of what you've raised. I've seen the ones on his website. Just trying to get a more overall idea of his polish. Thx
It's definitely canker. What causes it?
Ok, so should I try fishzole? Once I get her healthy, can she live with my other birds and nobody contract anything? I'm very concerned with my other birds. My birds eat and drink out of metal waterers. Is that bad? You guys..... I'm feeling like a total failure. I'm so worried about my other birds! I'm leaving to go out of state and will be back on Monday. I'm so scared now. My step dad will be taking care of the birds while I away and this particular sick chicken is...
She's 3-4 months. Definitely NOT sour crop as I've had a lot of experience with the horror of that. She doesn't have mites either. I know it's not gape worm but it could be another type of worm. Nothing is swollen, and nothing is being secreted. I have my birds a few miles away from my house and this chicken is at my house, so no birds near her.
I've only had this bird a week. She was fine up until yesterday. I honestly, have no clue what it could be. She has really no signs of either of those. Just that weird gunk. Seems more like the canker thing.
If you can see he white funky stuff, down there, that is the stuff I can feel and what I belive the problem is.
Hey guys, I recently purchased a light Sussex pullet. I noticed yesterday she was gasping and wheezing. I have her isolated from the others in a totally different location. She is on duramycin ( in water ), probiotic food powder, ACV in her water, and also vetrx on her nose, down her throat and under her wings. I looked for injectable Tylan and my TSC didn't have it. She is acting TOTALLY normal minus the gasping and wheezing. She is eating and I'm pretty sure she is...
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