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Nikki I can see the pics now. The hens look decent from what I can tell. Maybe need a little more leg length and don't look to be multiple feathered. Once I can sit down on the computer, I'll load up some pics of what they ate supposed to look like so you can have a comparison ..
Good deal
Top hen is a golden bet the male is too silver will only be black and white. Any other color is a sign its a light golden duckwing bottom hens are either bb red or dark gold. I can't tell on my phone. Comb and body look nice but I can't judge them like that. They need to be free standing . In a natural position to tell anything about type. Kinda look close but a better pic would help.
Never put domestics in with any wild species of ducks. Allnofnthem are too aggressive and will mix breed every hen you have in there. They will bully the males to the point of often killing them. Always best to pen them away from wild ducks. They just are too timid and small to be in with them. Especially muscovies they are the worst of all the domestics. Also on the wing clip and or pinioned birds. Being a cavity nester that always posed nesting problems for me. Pinioned...
Nikki If large fowl are what you bare showing. Then silver duckwing and golden duckwing are it color wise. In bantam its those as well as light brown ( bb red pretty much) white, and what they call just gold and silver. Pretty much a repeat of the first 2. The show type standard was changed a little while back. Type now should look exactly like the German Ismer phoenix. This is a tall long leg bird. Comb should be very small now almost in as serrated tooth like look....
Nope no damage at all to Phoenix
Yes you can't broad ducks in a small brooder type pen. Especially wood ducks. They are very flighty and the hen will beat them to death in most cases. Best to brood them by themselves or let the hen pen raise them. All other sounds good except the lack of netting over the pen. Either net it, or get pinioned birds which I hate. They flop around like they are half dead when trying to fly. Plus any hawk will easily get em
Just like a mille fleur except that black is blue and the red is a cream color
I agree. As a single feather, none of those really Andalusian blue lacing pattern. The last seems to have a little but not distinct . The lacing on blues by the way is not the same as true lacing as seen in say sebrights or other laced varieties or breeds. That's the pattern gene. Lacing on Andalusian blues is just the blue gene. Otherwise you'd be able to make laced colors off them....
You were reading Davids info on ONAGADORI.That is how they need to be kept and fed. Phoenix are a 100% totally different breed from Europe. They are not the same. There are no dietary issues at all in the phoenix breed.All Japanese breeds tend to be touchy on grains because aside from rice, they never really had gluten based grains
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