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Haha positive. $100-$300 verses $800-$1200 on averages;)
No problem . And yes the porcelain looks better in that new pic. But he's still just OK. Not a real breeder type. Tails a bit pinched ( thin and not plump and full) but he does look much better anyway than I had originally thought.Like I said, they and the mille seem to be a ruff one for any body to get really great type in. They all want to be too slim and long. But were working on that !!
Nene are cheap especially compared to the red breast you mentioned. You just need your permits for the Nene as does then seller unless bought within your home state. Same with laysan teal
Looking over again I noticed wattles too on the quails and silver. That'd be something to work on. That beard should be full enough not to see that. Look at the porcelain. They both are nice and full with no wattle. If you had a pic of them more posed up and not stretched out looking, I might change my mind on them. Though not sq they may be better than the pic shows on them
Let me see if I can help you a little.To me quail one looks the beat type wise by far, the silver second best. The rest don't look very good.See how the quail male has a nice full breast... that's good. Now look at the porcelain.. no shape to it at all. That's not good . You want d'Anver to be plump full bodied birds with a very thick neck. Those others just look to skrawny to me.On the quail male I would like to see his wings held a bit more forward. Almost straight up...
Black mottled is the other
Thanks. Means a lot.I'm reserving orders for eggs and chicks in them.I have at least 40 colors. I'll have to pm you the list if you like.Its too much to type out here.There are 15 colors in the ABA and 9 in the APA standards.Those can compete . The others can and are shown but can't compete with the best of groups in the standard colors.ABA colors areQuail , blue quail, black, blue, splash, self blue, mille fleur, porcelain, white, cuckoo , bb red, buff, Columbian, buff...
Turned out nice
Most all of them are droppers aside from the actual breeders here. Ideal, Stromberg ( on chickens) Murray , a and sand hill actually breed. NONE of them have the exotic stuff they list . That's all out sourced to actual breeders. Pheasants, waterfowl , wild turkeys, peafowl.... they list them at 3-5 times the actual value too. Mute swans are $500 a pair yet online they are $ Check the history. If they are an old place, they actually produce their own birds. If...
White lobe color will cover red fairly easily
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