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I can just picture an emu chick sticking out of a
Do a search for Sophie the diva chicken......I lost her last year and still can't click on her pics, but you'd enjoy her many outfits.....she was a very special girl
I just sold my two bp steel trailers, a two horse and a three horse. I got a good deal on a three horse aluminum...but surprise surprise it weights about... if not slightly more then my steel three horse. I have a Chevy 1500 extended cab that did fine before,I only use a horse trailer once in awhile .....but would like to be safer pulling, so was thinking of upgrading as it would be nice to pull my 20 ft heavy flatbed with rolls of hay etc etc if needed... Can you explain...
If some of my ducks stArt sitting better id like to order stick under them. If you come past here for any reason id buy some duckings.....Hehe
Do these things to make yourself happy and healthy. cook for yourself if no one.else eats it....less cooking for you. If you do it for yourself and enjoy what you do the others may come around over time. He may have flash backs from childhood that helps him make those choices. You can explain nicely how some of those.choices make you feel....he might not think about it that way. If he still wants to do it his way....well enjoy what YOU do even more.
I agree with everything stated above......Hehe
Turning the hose on the rooster whenever you see him might be helpful......even for your meany.
I would have.gotten a pic.......but it was Dark.....and I was too busy keep chickens in the Just for those that have to....don't shine the light anywhere near the chickens or they come shooting out of the barrow like popcorn in a hot
Allbirds has the Baytril. For Silkie chickens etc I give about a lima bean size dollop of the goat gel up to twice a day. It has small amounts per cc so as long as you don't go crazy you should be fine. They normally like the taste....... .Emu have a finiky pallet be prepared to waste some.... :
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