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  Yes..due to the potential of AI heading this way during the mitigation this fall.  ALL sales of birds..ALL BIRDS is banned Aug. 15th -Jan 15th . AT this time. The state will re-evaluate at that time.NO BIRDS will be sold or traded at any swap, sale or auction and no birds shows in NC during this time.
     That is fantastic...and a GREAT picture.  
    That would be my first guess also.  It was extremely hot and add some stress.  Sad....  Sorry to hear that.
    Here is a link to their FB page...    Keep in mind, their last auction day will be Aug. 9th until further notice.
BIN:  $25 includes Shipping     12+ Easter Eggers     Easter Egger hens covered by Easter Egger rooster and pure AMs.   ALL blue eggs.  Super sweet, colorful birds.  
BIN:   $30 includes shipping   12 Dominique hatching eggs...   These are NICE birds. Big, great layers, nice rose comb, no gold/ yellow bleed through.    
BIN:   12 plus Serama hatching eggs. Ready to ship ASAP. $30 includes shipping.     You can see some pictures and my classified here:
Hens are back in business......eggs are plentiful.   I can ship 12 + or 18+ as early as tomorrow.    
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