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Rain....MUD !   And kids went to school.    
x2  Very pretty birds....
Putting feelers out.....anyone have BANTAM Ameraucana eggs ????
Serama are barely laying.. I have been keeping an egg spread sheet..  zero to 2 eggs a day.   I have been setting whatever I get.  Fertility has been steadily improving.  If mother nature gets her act together they will start laying like crazy, they prefer warmer weather.  I usually have a bunch of broody hens by now.  
SNOW DAY IN SAMPSON COUNTY....   BAHAHahahahahahaaaaaaa    
   I am talking about the REAL Spring....if there is even such a thing anymore. 
Morning all and WELCOME to the new folks....        ICE to MUD.   OO JOy !!!!    LOL           Yup, I have Serama.....nothing for sale right now but in will have some chicks & eggs for sale in Spring.
Only thing I can suggest to those worrying about the cold temps...  DO NOT USE HEAT LAMPS !!!        If your coop is draft free or the birds have a place to get out of the cold..then they will be fine.
  UGH..dang hawks !!!
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