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Sorry for your loss
BUY IT NOW :   READY TO SHIP TUESDAY APRIL 22ND   FERTILE HATCHING EGGS **** prices include s&h***   12+ Black Copper Marans  $39    12+ Blue Copper Marans  $39   SOLD 12+ Olive Eggers  $27   (F2 eggs..several breeding pens, under Black or Blue Cooper Marans, OE, EE roosters ** some hens are frizzled**   we HAVE been hatching frizzles.)  12+ Easter Eggers  $27 12+ Silver Lakenvelders $ 39 12+ Olive Eggers F3 $39 ( possible frizzles)        
I am behind 1941 post................         Good Morning all !
farmraised....  what about being grandfathered in?    
Egg yoke on the egg usually indicates that there was an egg broken in the nest box.
Most TSC have corrid in powder form.  I have gotten liquid corrid from Southern States. You can also use Sulmet comes in liquid.    
Yes ..they are Lavender.The males get a more Cruncles then hens do.They get more as they mature.  My hens fly over a 5 ft fence without blinking. My males are heavier and don't / can't lift over....not saying they can't or won't  HAHAHaClaws are damaging,getting smacked with a wing hurts. My children do not carry around any of my birds, they are not toys so therefore they don't get scratched or smacked with a wing. They do feed them by hand and the birds take the treats...
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