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I have some blue egg laying Sikie project eggs available.....   post # 3985
BIN   Mix and match is ok   6- Blue egg laying Silkie project hatching eggs.....$4 each 20- Blue laced Polish project hatching eggs....$4 each 16 -NN silkie /sizzle hatching eggs...  $1 each 15- Lav. Ams. hatching eggs....$2 each 21- Blue / black Marans hatching eggs....$2 each 9- Sweetgrass Turkey hatching eggs....$5 each 7- Mix turkey hatching eggs..$3 each       Shipping is $15 for 12+eggs,  anything over 12+ eggs is $18.    
   I am right next door in Sampson County.        Had a fox outside my barnyard just this morning. I have 2 LGDs so she was not coming in. 
DoubleAtrianing has Cream legbars....send her a PM. I see a bunch of people are looking for this or that BUT......We can't post anything we have to sell because someone keeps flagging the post.  
You go to the name of the person, there is a little drops down a list of things you can go. You click private message.    I am sending you a message.  
Blood rings could be bacteria. You need to wash out the bator after ever hatch with bleach and water.    
Thanks  Peep- Chicken.   :)     Send a PM if interested in hatching eggs.
Thought I would share my farm page here......
Thank you..............   
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