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Double A is an excellent teacher...she taught all my kids how to process chickens..... My15yr old daughter is a pro now and even helped in the last processing class.  
    1 st day of school for my kids...................... WHY do they think they need to be up at 4AM>>>>>>>>>   
  To get a barred USUALLY have to have one of the parents barred.        ETA:   OR the barring could have come from the Marans.   But find out if they have any barred roosters 1st.
18 + Eggs ...ready to ship tomorrow. Tues. 8/19 Send me a message...if interested.
Have you ever wormed them? I also wonder if she had an egg break inside..since you say the poop looked like egg yoke...looks green the pic.   P.S.  Here is a poop chart : looks ok.  Could be green from the electrolytes..meds...oil.  
Dutch....    praying for your recovery.
Yup a frizzle 
The sun peaked out for a split second this it is clouding up again.    Speaking of molting, one of my geese was standing in front of me this morning, she stretched and flapped her wings and feathers were falling all around her.  
      STILL RAINING>>>>>>>DAY 2 !!!
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