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I am in...missed the last few years !  Glad to be back.  
That is AWESOME............
DoubleATraining....will take unwanted roosters.  Depends on where you are located, obviously. 
could be heat related?????
N-pip OR N.P.I.P.
Anything I shared here was for INFORMATIONAL purposes only...not to get into a governmental debate.
It is a voluntary sign up, although they are encouraging it. . The purpose is so you can be notified if there is an outbreak in your area.   AI is expected to come through our area in fall with the migratory birds. If you are in the NPIP program, you do not need to register as the state already knows where you are located,  The state testers are advising to continue to use strict bio- security measures. No one in you birds area.  Please read..before you get up in arms...
Check out the state website...It is state wide for the protection of our chickens...hobby farms and commercial farms.   Millions of chickens have been destroyed this year due to is no joke.
  Yes..due to the potential of AI heading this way during the mitigation this fall.  ALL sales of birds..ALL BIRDS is banned Aug. 15th -Jan 15th . AT this time. The state will re-evaluate at that time.NO BIRDS will be sold or traded at any swap, sale or auction and no birds shows in NC during this time.
     That is fantastic...and a GREAT picture.  
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