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    a Team starts at two...  Mules work harder on less feed and wont work themselves to death.  a good thing.   They used mules exclusively to haul Borax.   Twenty to Forty mules at a time on a single Jerk line.  IN order to make the switch back turns on the road they were taught to jump the traces chain to allow for more control of the direction of the pull. It takes special team work to become a mule skinner....  Because mules are more intelligent (that hybrid vigor) you...
Belgian is most often used for pulling competitions....  in the US.     Many of our stock went to war in WW1 and never came back.    There are breeds of choice for particular jobs...  Percheron and Clydesdale and shire were used for the big wagons hauling cargo...  Those wagons could weigh as much as eight tons.  took Eight horses to move em and a good set of brakes. Suffolk Punch is considered a smaller draft and one of my favorites besides Percherons.   They were used on...
Moose in harness     The rigging is standard cart shafts with a team pole between the Moose.  Not an unnusual type of hitch for horses but we dont see it alot now days   deb
I d rather find a whole worm than Half a worm....       I have actually gotten black ants out of a box of cereal.   deb
While moose have in fact been used as beasts of burdon  This particular one is an Urban Legond... first I saw of it was around 2007 or 8 deb
I think every culture has some sort of "stuffed" pie like food...  Intended to be eaten hot or cold Grab and go for lunch in the fields or work.   Wrapped in paper or leaves till time to eat...    deb
cute ....  
LOL.....   My dad and grandpa cracked open a six pack of beer once and one can was flat....  Oh the letter they wrote... this was before internet and grandpa typed on a Royal typewriter complete with carbon copies and eraser marks....  about a month later a case of beer arrived in by freight, complete with a letter of apology.....         deb
Mrs Cubbisons....  the veggies went in uncooked. deb
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