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It always amazes me when Stephen King writes something soo different from horror. deb
I laughed out loud....  Have you ever seen a wiener dog playing in the snow?    
all yuu need to do is add some felt spacers between the concrete and the table... then the cord can be run up and over the rim. Other thing is you can get battery powered ones..    I used to make table center piece out of a glass vinegar jug and those lights...  makes an awesome night light too. deb
yes it did...  I was soo jonesing for the book ...  but dang there wasn't ever a book. funny thing me...  I really prefer to see the movie first.  that way I have the characters visualized when i read the book.  When you go the other way around the movie is a pale pale comparison of the book. Only one that didnt disappoint me was Harry Potter. deb
I learned about sugar when my son fell while gripping a bottle in his teeth....  came up and it looked like all his teeth were gone and his mouth was a bloody mess....  And of course he was screaming.   When I called the doc His back up doc answered the phone...  she was from India.  What a lovely lady... she calmed me aksed if his teeth were really gone...  whew nope...  then she said hed probably torn the bit of skin under his lip up close to his nose...   then she...
If you feed treats or grain or pellets as part of her diet...  Take the time if you can to do clipper desensitization....  rub her all over while shes eating   This is what I do with a horse...  though I suspect Camelids have different issues dealing with scary things...  I have never even petted one at the fair. deb
I cant wait for Jurassic park as well.  I loved Avatar which was probably 90 percent CGI....  I cant wait for the sequel either. deb
They do make concrete stain if you ever get tired of the color.  But youd never be able to change the color if you wax it. The trick to painting concrete is to mist it with water as you apply the paint.  What the water does is keep the pores open while the paint dries...  No chipping.  I was wanting to paint a cinder block wall in front of my mobile home...  The guy at home depot steered me away from "concrete paints" and told me just to use acrylic paint and wet the wall...
a start for a chicken first aid kit   Things I do that are different   Plain old white sugar is an excellent blood stopper.    The blue coat they show is a spray.  I use the kind with a dauber.  The spray will be more antiseptic.... but the dauber has more control of what gets blue.   Vet Wraps are cheaper at the feed store.  I keep at least four or five on...
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