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Oooh Decoder ring.....    Hey WElcome Woods.....  deb
I got your accidental post by email.... Good start....  deb
Giant Chinchilla Rabbit "Kaninchen3". Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.5 via Wikimedia Commons -   these are the ones that get to 12-16 Lbs.   Pretty pretty.   deb
cute but Dang....
@bamadude   OMG I LOVE your avatar....... I take it Lawn Mowing season is coming up......
@ChickenCanoe Pedegree bags?     deb
did they crack the shell up when they planted?  deb
I actually have...  pretty cool  seen pictures of it somewhere....  when they are ready to plant just poke em in the hole and give the shell a squeeze to crack it a little...  The plant takes care of the rest.... deb 
You know I did NOT know female Peacocks displayed their feathers.....    very pretty   deb
Oh I re visited the picture....  those are areas I dont want either horse or goats in... so they are being fenced out.  There is a place where West of the house that will make a good observatory with the tall rocks sheltering it on each side from the wind.  Not quite an ampetheater but I want to put a small deck there with some patio furniture.... Then there is a small fenced area across the driveway....  its very rugged but thats where my utilities are very close to the...
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