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I had heard that about diesel engines....   knock on wood...  I havent done that yet.  Glad you have good batteries. deb
LOL... thanks I go back tomorrow to meet a new Farrier....  Hope Katee is a good girl for him.  They are very hard to find up on the mountain. deb
LOL  I always sign with lowercase.....  deb   Sad thing was there were alot of girls named Debra amongst baby boomers....  I was born right in the middle 1955  I have had three friends growing up who were also named Debra....  so we used our full names all the time... Debbie Dixon Debbie Baily Debbie Miller Debbie Prather  all the same age.... within a year either way. deb
 Its nice to meet you by the way......  deb
I think it may be the stock they come from.   My Wellies were fairly peaceful.   They were hatchery stock from Northern California and I was surprised at how Much they looked like the breed standard....   I had a couple of hens that had shanks as big around as my thumb....  the Alpha roo stood as tall as my knee.   He and the other two roos took their jobs seriously guarding the girls when they went out in the yard. deb
went to the house today....  high seventies the poppies were blanketing the freeway in stretches.... deb
 I had Welsummers  for about a year before the coyotes took all my poultry.   Got a boat load of eggs from them.   Those hens were very substantial and the roos were sweet and got along well with each other. deb
I am an old softie too but when I move home my birds are going to be my only meat....  Living off social security and what I can make from my art/writing/design work/cashier   I will be hitting the food bank every month for staples like beans and rice canned goods...   I will start out with a small batch of meat birds....  ones that are dual purpose.   Take some lessons from a couple of locals to teach me how to do it properly....  I hope to can and preserve the...
  I have only ever made biscuits  about two times...  when I was sixteen... 
Just got back from delivering hay 
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