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 Kewel....     I am not so remote as you but I love being out at the end of the power lines...  I cant even get cell signal much less Wi Fi.   So in order to get internet I will Have to go with satellite.  deb
oh Mannnn you beat me to it   To set your beer on  
I get into biiiiig trouble when socializing is involved....   better for me to stay home  and than do it in public.
When ever I see an article like this I have to do more research  the photo in the article suggested it was a stock photo of some process using actual chicken tenders. Here is what I came up with..... Projection to hit the market 2021 Here is Wikipedia.    I know some think Wikipedia is crap but not if it sites sources and is verified by other research that can be done on the...
we get the rain some times a day or two after you...  if it isnt intent on pushing east.   The forecast is today which means Maybe tomorrow....
yep they are about as tall as a medium sized chicken.    definately spring here 
If you ever are taking a walk out in the bush and hear something that sounds like a dog whining in a low voice...  thats a road runner male.
Go to Blooies thread Lots of success stories lots of questions answered.  there are hundreds of variations on the design.  Same goes for a plate brooder like Premier.   The beauty of it is the chicks only use it when they need to warm themselves and they are allowed to have natural day and night time.   Plus you can brood out in the coop year round thus keeping all the dust and...
I will be eventually deb
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