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had gall stones....  I thought I was going to die.... every exhale was a scream...  no kiddng here and I have a high threshold for pain.
Maple harvest one of my favorite videos     One of those tanks problably is about four hundred gallons give or take at about 9 pounds per gallon  3600 pounds those horses are pulling....   deb
but its soo fun to tell the stories.....   LOL.    I been horse proofing, dog proofing, goat proofing, chicken proofing, cat proofing.... etc for way too long now   Never mind the whole Predator proofing deal....   Keeping em in and keeping em safe OH My.
mine would say ;'whats that?....  " push...   "Oh Lookie it rolls..."  push push ...   She can make anything roll.      even lawn chairs....   I watched her out in the arena once....  Someone had set up jumps for practice...  By the time she was done EVERYthing was laying flat on the ground...  even the 55 gallon drums...      deb
Oh and Honey on very sharp cheese.....     deb
i have never had real maple syrup..... only what was in Aunt Jemima.   Which i am certain is a blend.   I only like honey on english muffins with real butter....   or Home made rolls....  or mixed with butter and spread on corn bread...    I do love honey on a spoon thats my favorite way to eat it.   No thing else.   Dad used to mix Aunt Jemima with peanut butter and eat that out of a bowl....  I love that too.   Gawd i am rambling.   fighting a sweet craving...
a bigger version because I am considering changing avatars again  
And the glowing eyes....  thats what caught me at first....  My guess deer feeder station.
similar trap been around a long time   the principle for both is the flies are drawn to the black surface....  their first instinct is to fly straight up after landing   I have seen beach balls painted black with a skirt of white plastic  held in place with a hoola hoop at the bottom...  then a funnel into a catch basin at the top.   Like the one you show above I have heard of spactacular catch stats.   Only works with horse deer and cow flies....   Thank...
I like honey with bee chunks in it....  but I couldnt handle the responsiblity of maintaining my own hive...   so will happily pay.   deb
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