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The Museum was in Victorville.   Then When Roy Rodgers died his son brought the whole thing to Branson Missouri.    Sometime recently Roys sons decided to close the museum and auction off the contents....     deb
For what its worth I love tattoos.... but I wonder what they will look like when the person reaches my age where things tend to migrate.... down...   I been known to complement Hells Angles while in the line at the grocery store..  With little things like...   Oh my that mush have hurt...  Cobweb on the elbow...   I am always greeted by a grin and a whole hearted agreement and conversation.    My son is mortified .... I usually say What?  Hey people get tattoos to get...
Yeah Yeah...  I couldnt store a whole pig... much less afford one. deb
Oh I recognized the basic conformation.  Good job on breeding to your own standards.  I am looking for Sumatras that havent been messed with by the "Standard Of Perfection" myself...  Just wily  good foragers and very good fliers in-case of predator attack.  I like Sumatras for my particular location...  Plus I like their coloring, and personality traits.  deb
Hey Oz I just came across a website for butchering Pigs.   Very interesting series of videos.   I was mostly interested in butchering a half pig for myself...  plus I bought a cut of pork today I do not recognize.  so I was hoping to find this cut delineated in the videos.   deb... sorry ... PUI
ribbit...   deb
Oooh priceless...  you have to have a boyfriend cam set up for the expression.....   deb
Eggcellent job....  Ooh hes a pretty Roo...  I am no expert... Aseel?   I have only heard about those kernels....  With other animals I would say granular flesh (scab) that has gone rogue...  Definately need to be removed and its a traumatic experience for both the remover and the removee....   Any thoughts on how he lost his toenail?   The next is all past tense because I lost all my birds to predators a couple of years ago... LONg story:   I keep chickens in the...
I am hearing more and more anectdotal stories like this...  Which impresses me to no end.  And inforces the need to have an open dialogue with your doc.  Places like Kaiser where you see a doc that sees probably a thousand different patients per year...  You simply dont have time to get to know each other....  In my case it was So what are we seeing you for Mrs... uh Dixon...  he had to read my chart and I had already spoken to three different people on the phone for the...
LOL i figured as much but it was a humorous arrangement of stuff for sale on one add. deb
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