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thanks I have been immersed in horses since I saw my first Fury movie back in the Fifties.  Didnt get my first horse till 67.  the horse world has changed alot since then.  deb
my last horse's sire was a Black grey Arabian Stallion...  Desert bloodlines ... white on black dapples with a white mane and tail....  Sigh unfortunately all greys become white....  deb
Ask LOTS of questions....  Take what fits and file the rest for reference.  Many people have opinions, and lifestyles that may or may not fit....  I by nature am a researcher.... while I have had chickens for a good 25 years my practical knowledge only extends to issues experienced in my own hobby keeping....  Fortunately for me I have never had a sick chicken.... Nor have I vaccinated or medicated....  But I have treated Boo boos and buried my share of predator...
YOu might appreciate this one then.... a friend sent it to me.... Cookie.... Ma.... Cookie? deb
My apologies to the group,....  I am a horse lover before chickens....  Katee is my last horse....  she is twenty now I am 59 and expect to have her at least fifteen more years.  So I tend to digress on the subject.   deb
VERY   BIG  GRIN....  Bwhahahahahah. deb
I may be wrong... but I believe by the amount of daylight that drives the molt....  Days get shorter time to switch out the summer jacket for the winter jacket....  Days get longer Time to switch again.... One year I brooded up some Guinea Fowl.. About the time that they would have been Point of lay the days started getting short....Over night I though one guinea had exploded..... I could have stuffed a pillowcase.  I didnt get an egg till the next spring AFTER the next...
Hey @hennible like your new avatar.....  VBG   deb
Mules are incredibly intelligent.....  Usually people dont hitch them together with a horse...  For that difference in work ethic.  A Mule would work as hard as a horse  meaning get the job done as well... and would suffer less because they "finesse" the work.  Its that Hybrid vigor.  Mule people are just as different too.  My last roommate was nicknamed Wild Mule Mary because she rode mules only...  deb
its about time for molt in some places....  they dont lay much during molt....  just a thought. deb
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