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LOL>...  Picking my teeth  with WHAT!!??  Aint sticking THAT in my mouth.   Actually the lead in pencils is not really lead its graphite. deb 
On the way home from Vegas we stopped off at Baker for fuel it was 120..... Opened the car door and the flood of heat took my breath away....  I had to sit and adjust before getting out of the car.  The Big Thermometer was only at 120 But the last number on it goes up to 130. Now I KNOW you have dry heat.  Do you use a Swamp cooler to bring the temp down a bit or are you without AC completely. deb
OHMG....  I just realized you are in Death valley....    and I whine when It gets to be 105 here....   deb
Hi Zinnia Seeds Welcome to the Front porch....  I am having a little wine right now but there is a big pitcher of tea on the porch. deb
I will stick to my Pencil....  ahem..deb
OH MY GAWD.... I thought you were joking..... deb
EGGsactly  Flat  wide surface so when they go to sleep no balancing is required... Plus their feathers hang over thier toes to keep them warm... .. in winter months. deb  
If I havent welcomed you yet   Welcome to BYC    From the San Diego High Desert. You havent even scratched the tip of the iceberg here... Not in your wildest dreams....  WE are going to reach more than 200,000 members soon world wide if we havent reached that mile stone yet.  And you will find Scientiests and Phd's and Farmers who have done this third and fourth generation....  all the way to people like you and me who are hungry for more and more info. for instance I dont...
I just wanna Bubba who can work a rake and a wheel barrow....     deb
Welcome to BYC    from the San Diego high desert. There are some issues with buying directtly from a hatchery.  They are hatched sexed packed and shipped within hours.  Chicks can live up to three days without food or water....  They live off the egg yolk they have absorbed during the last stages of cracking their shells open to get out.    All goes good and your post office does its job and you pick your chiks up at the post office the day they arrive.  But if there are...
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