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do you work from a photograph? deb
I bet some of those bills were worth more than their face value....  Money back then was circulated a very long time....  ones that say treasury note I believe are very rare.  just a one dollar bill uncirculated  given the right stamp could be worth more than 1000 dollars. deb
I am used to seeing teeth in play....  snap snap snap...  or both dogs on their backs head to head bonking teeth....  My greyhound PowCho showed his teeth all the time scared the crap out of the meter reader....    "No... hes just very happy to see you..."   and he was all play bows and shiny teeth....  no snapping just grinning.  I think the same reader stabbed PowCho  though...  came home to a limpy dog with a small wound in his shoulder... took him to the vet and the...
LOL... I love it... a stealth gate.....   deb  
It just keeps getting better....  Um How do you get to your coop though.  I dont see a gate of any kind...  deb
Thank you Tara...  I am going to rethink my feed some now.    I fed Purina for years were talking 40...  Mom still feeds it.   I got to reading lables and listening to the vet and getting that all twirled up in my head.  This was before the internet.   I still buy Purina chicken feed and If I were to feed the horse and goats grain at all It probably would be a Purina product.    I switched to NutraMax for my dogs because corn was a little further down on their list...
  they get along better...  and while they run with chickens  (run with scissors)  LOL... while they run with chickens and hang out and do chickony things...  they are not chickens they haven't been domesticated long enough to have removed their natural instincts.    I feel are key words here...  I feel that first year or that first season where the Guineas pair off with their mating dances and chases is the one you have to keep an eye on your chicken Guinea...
Halleluja... someone who is building the coop.... FIRST   Awesome.  East county you can take your pick.Double S FeedEast County FeedCarters May have chicks I bought my Wellsummers at Double S... What general area are you located deb
Oops there goes another Tomato plant....  I dont know if chickens will eat them...  Oops googled it  Yes they will and no need to worry about toxicity the worms excrete any toxins they ingest.   I say let the chickens duke it out over em. deb
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