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Lots of water Lay low during the hottest part of the day...  get your work done during the coolest or at night.  Past a hundred and its a different set of rules....  because its a step beyond what I am acclimated to.  WE ony get about three or four weeks worth of the high temps durning the summer....  105-110.  I have had conversations with a fellow that lives in Death Valley.  140 degrees is very common for him in the summer and he raises geese. I was stunned.  He has to...
Popping in too have to start from the beginning....    I have a Bandini Mountain to deal with.... LOL   Oh incase you didnt know what Bandini Mountain is....  in the US there is a firtilizer company called Bandini.   They used to have a commercial showing a guy on Skis trying to ski down their big pile in their lot.   deb
If and wehn you are ready to give Fermented feed a try Felix, its beyond simple.  Takes no starter just water and feed.  But there is an optimal temperature to have it self replicating.  so During the winter it would have to be kept in the house or a temperate temperature controlled space.  deb
borrowing.  No need to reinvent....  though I may tweak it for my own needs. deb
Here is another way to mix and transport feed without mechanisms....  Just a leaf blower     Put the feed in in the proportions you need and just stirr it a bit.  Then turn on the leaf blower and it vortexes out and as far as you need for depositing in a hopper or another feed barrel.    You only need a leaf blower some pvc and something to make the cone inside the barrel.    The video shows it in operation. deb
here is an example of a home made cement mixer  this is using a drive motor fastened to a right angle gear reducer which is fastened to the bottom of the barrel.  The barrel is resting on wheels to support its weight.  I suspect they tip it out by tipping the whole mechanism.   Since you are going to be mixing in a dry area.  You can simply take one of those wheels make it wider and flatter for more surface contact and put the motor to it.  Dry feed is going to be...
you found it its a pillow block.  They come in different types.  Look in McMaster carr for them to get an idea of the application and use.  Mc Master Carr will also give you speeds and weights for them.  As well as the Foot print for bolting them down.  often times the motor will have a bolt pattern too then you run a drive shaft from the moter to the Pillow block.  This will balance out the load.  Then you can put a Sheave on the shaft.  If you can get a square shaft so...
There is also a San Diego one...  SoCal and San Diego sometimes overlap on their get togethers.  Here in San Diego the ordinance is the same.... location wise.  But no roos.  Not unless you have x amount of space.  I forget what that is.   Thats in the city.  I have enough acreage it wouldnt matter. Check out the San Diego group as well Lots of people overlap...  deb
Awesome....  Some people hang a feather duster for the littuns to hide in too.  cute chicks What breed are they. deb
Yep....  I used to clean horse stalls.  that Ammonia can knock you over.   The only thing to worry about is mixing ammonia and bleach.  That will release...   Chloramine vapor.   Liquifies the lungs if concentrated. It seems Bleach is the Major offender.....  here is a caution from Washington State Department of Health. deb
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