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I must have missed it, but which model is this?  There is a guy here in CA that has a four tray Leahy and it is in pristine condition.  He actually has two, one was used for parts.  He wants $300 for both, I'm thinking of buying them.I asked him the manufacturer and model.  He told Leahy and Favorite, but that was it.  When I asked how many drawers he said he thought it was four, I was hoping for at least six.Any thoughts?
I wish I lived closer.  I would buy this unit in a heart beat.  I'm in California.  :-(
Well..............I help them out.  I have noticed after having bred Marans for over five years, that their eggs are very hard.  My average time for Marans eggs rangeds from 22 to 26 days, even with "Ideal" temp and humidity.
I've been helping chicks out of their shells for years.  Sometimes they end up being cockerels, sometimes hens.  You get what you get, right?  There are times that they survive only to die later.  Mother nature usually knows best.  There is a reason why some don't make it.Debi
Yes, I agree.  Leave them in until all are hatched.  I have a sportman and I used to take them out as soon as they were dry.  Big mistake!  The chirping that the hatched chicks do encourage the other chicks to hatch.  Sometimes I have to help the chicks out of their shells.  I don't like doing this, but at day 24 if I hear piping I help them out.  If the humidity is too high, the inner lining becomes tough and jelly like.  The chicks can't break through it and they drown. ...
Thanks, I'm a little bit new to this kinda chat.  I haven't quite figured out the site yet.  It may take a while.
Hey Bad Rotti,You can get a chart off the Marans of America Club site.  That's where I got mine.
I never thought I would either.  Then about eight years ago someone gave me a trio of chickens and it's been all down hill from there.  he he heTake a look at where three free chickens has taken me!!!
Hi Everyone,Well, I've been listening to this thread and everyone's opinion seems to make sense in one way or another.  This is what I do with my breeding.I currently have three lines of Black Copper Marans.  Each original breeding trio came from their respective breeders.  I keep them exclusive to their origin.  Then, in a completely different area I have what I call my mixed birds.  They are chicks from all three lines that I held back for myself to experiment  with over...
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