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I am toying with the idea of building a real coop with a portable run that I could run off any side of the coop. I thought about making a coop/run that I could rotate, but didn't want to give up that much permanent space of my yard.  You'd just have to make a door and latch system on whatever sides of the coop you wanted to have a run available so that a predator couldn't bump it out of place and have dinner.I have to agree with chicken wire not doing anything  but keeping...
anyone have some pics for us visual learners?  this sounds like just what we need
thanks for the input! it's very helpful
Ok, we've never clipped wings before but I'm thinking I want to on the next batch to keep them from flying over the fence.  My question is if I clip them to prevent fly aways, can they still get to their roost? We are re-building the entire coop and changing, so I could put the roost wherever I want, but I don't know how high they can go with clipped wing feathers or if they just kind of fly in a circle LOLany ideas?thanks, J
have you tried bribing them with eggs? (the neighbors...not the chickens).my girls are mostly quiet, I only worry about the roosters I'm getting next week.
what's a Dynatrap?
do the zappers work on mosquitos?  I guess they would work on flies and such...kinda forgot about those.thanks for reminding me.
I want to have a get-together at my house over july question is is there  safe method of ridding my yard of these nasty mosquito pests?  if i didn't have chickens, i'd use a yard fogger, but i'm questioning the safety of the chemicals with regards to the chickens.any thoughts?
gosh! what fun...the little cream pumpkins (brach's makes them again...YEA!!!)zero barsgiant sweet tarts (I think they were chewy?)
OK, maybe a little off topic...but,  of my 4 ducks, 3 are drakes. they will be 17 weeks old this week so i'm expecting to start finding an egg or two a week real question is obviously a ratio of 3:1 is not good, but what is ideal?  I know that with chickens it is WAY better to have like a 7-8:1 hens:roosters, but what about ducks?  I do not want the boys picking on my girl all day long. if it girl is a pekin and my boys are rouens (2) and a cayuga.
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