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Not sure about be breed to breed but overall my duccles were better layers as they did not take the winter months off, the danvers do. At least that has been my experience.
Wow....I am amazed Amanda did not thunk her. That is so sweet. Caroline and Amanda are both bossy but good girls. You are right about head remember Delilah presiding over Leaya as she was dying yet Delilah was very I'll and dying herself. The process is heartwarming and heart breaking to watch butone I would not want to miss for the world.
JJ it ain't nice ito lie on your birds....Rufus says so and he never lies. He also says it might be time for a serious spore shipment iffin you don't give me what I want.
4, 5,6,7,9, 11, 12 and 14 want to come here too. Send them as well.
Him too JJ.... he wants to be a house chicken and watch TV with me. Send him too.
She does not like it there JJ and wishes to live in Kentucky....I heard her clearly say so. Send her now.
Yep and that blue one has it learned already.
OMG in that fourth is using Delaware Mind Control already! Don't look it in the eye Cyn!
Clyde is a handsome little man. I love my d'anver boy too...Rufus is a hoot! He has no d'anver hens either however how ever the little stud muffin has a d'uccle henb and two silkie hens. He also oogles my porcelain and paint silkie women.
Back chicken drama Cyn. I just want me and birds to survive this latest weather snafu and get the child safely to school in Florida...then a couple drinks a hot bath and a two day nap.
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