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It is official....Cynthia and I are certifiable. I just placed a web video call to her rooster on behalf of my daughter. Cheyenne and Isaac have this love affair and she is leaving home next week for school and wanted to see Ike before she leaves sooooo the rooster and the girl met up on Skype. If I'm lyin, I'm dying. Yup lock us up....roosters getting phone calls and us aiding them do it.
He is such a good boy and he sure loves Cheyenne. It made her feel better because she got to see him albeit not in person but see him nonetheless before she leaves home. Thanks Ike for accepting our call, you handsome sweetie! Ike skyping from my side of the screen
She just did a pen division and that looks like pieces of plastic fencing which have been replaced. Cyn my Rexie Poo is so handsome.
Hehehe you could try a lavender bubble bath...worked for my dadaughter and a LF too
Beautiful Caroline will leave an empty place on your mountain Cyn...she is such a presence there. And sweet Babababarbara....that wonky comb and girl. I miss Athena terribly and so does Lancelot, he has not been eating right since she passed away so I am getting him some special treats on my grocery trip this weekend. This has been a horrible time Cyn....both here and at your place but Spring is coming.
Congrats on the hatchlings Karen....Cynthia is an excellent chicken mom so they will be bouncing friendly babies....just don't wait too long to go get them because she also spoils them. They will want to be talked to, held and given scrambled eggs for breakfast in a week....two weeks and they will demand to be allowed to watch TV and sit on you while doing it. Oh wait....that's my house too. Hahaha. Congrats Karen. I must say that this weather and I are at odds. The...
Rufus is My Little Love.....Rusty I would have killed for her if she'd let me....he was a jerk and a half and Rusty2 I have not met yet.
I wish consent to My Little Love being tagged as "weird" and/or "goofy". Yes he fell in love with me, his xxl quarantine dog crate, a tree branch and a bunch of Asian woman with funny dog's BUT he is my sweetie, once he gives you the required love nip.
Karen your little one is a cute thing. I understand about the waterers....I am battling it big horse trough is 100 gallons of ice! We have three more days coming of temps in the negatives and I am scared....I have a couple birds and a duck that are not looking good. Doing all I can but I need this nonsense to stop. Junebug loved her sweater.....I will be doing the straps soon so she will be able to wear it tomorrow during the first of the three low days..
As this thread is where the topic came up.....I must show off the pink camo sweater I just made for me Delaweggar Junebug.....hehe hehe. Tomorrow she will try it on and them get the closures put in place. Yeah I need this single digit snow crap gone....I am crocheting sweaters for my birds because I am stuck inside. LOL
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