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Well, I will definitely take a rooster. My hens are almost old enough to start laying and I want a roo to fertilize the eggs.   Jamie    
Also I have three indian runner ducklings that are about 3 weeks old. Would anyone be interested in them? I'm askin$6 each for them.
How much do you want for the coturnix? I need  little roo badly. All I have is hens.
That is just some of the yolk sac that wasn't completely absorbed. This happens when temps are either too high or too low or the eggs are on the older side. Either way I've had them hatch like that and have done ok just takes them longer to get up and about. That will dry up and fall off eventually. Good luck.
Well I'm getting more silkie eggs from down the road to set today. I already set 4 the other day and now the woman has the other 8 for me. This is my first time hatching silkies, I could get pure buff or blue but there is also a white hen and a black rooster and they are all running together. Bourban red turkey eggs should be in the mail today and those will get set. I have 6 blue slate mix turkey eggs in lockdown as well as 9 california white 3 OE's, and 14 eggs that...
I would move them out if they are nice and dry to a brooder with a good at lamp ready. Make sure the heat lamp has been on though so its nice and warm for them. Sounds like maybe your temps were running a tad low since you have a couple with blood still in the egg and not doing well. I had the same thing happened to me this hatch and its the first hatch that I know my temps ran a bit low because my digital thermometer went out and the bulb ones always run low.
I have someone down the road I get them from. I could get some for you but they are $12 a dozen plus the shipping to get them where you are. If your interested message me.      
I might be able to come. I have California whites (pure) and barnyard mix eggs.
The chick can stay in the incubator for 24 hours after hatch so no worries! Congrats on hatching your chick
Birdguy I am glad for you that your doeling is doing much better. Goat's milk is by far the best thing for ANY animal baby needing milk! I raise Alpines and mini-Alpines and I have raised many 2 day old bottle babies from other goat dairies on my goats milk and a calf or two! I love my goats! Well my incubators are still going! Just put 6 turkey, 9 cal. whites, 3 Oe's, and 14 buff and lav orp, EE's, wheaton americauna and lav americauna, and dominiques in lockdown!...
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