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Birdguy I am glad for you that your doeling is doing much better. Goat's milk is by far the best thing for ANY animal baby needing milk! I raise Alpines and mini-Alpines and I have raised many 2 day old bottle babies from other goat dairies on my goats milk and a calf or two! I love my goats! Well my incubators are still going! Just put 6 turkey, 9 cal. whites, 3 Oe's, and 14 buff and lav orp, EE's, wheaton americauna and lav americauna, and dominiques in lockdown!...
Nope I got my blue slates from Oklahoma, the bourban reds are coming from georgia or something lol. I hatch them and sell them :-P
I'll be in. I have more eggs coming by then I'm sure and if for some reason I don't I can set my own eggs  I just set 8 BCM's from a swap and I have 14 Bourbon Red turkey eggs on the way and some Black Australorpe eggs coming soon as well as 8 silkie eggs  I don't think there is any question about my being an addict, I think it is VERY evident!! I still have 14 blue slate turkey eggs in as well as some of my chicken eggs, 6 blue slate in lockdown, and 12 of my flock in...
Offering up:  2 bars of homemade soap in different scents. Some goat milk honey and oatmeal bars as well.    7 pkts of veggie or melon seeds whatever you want if I have it ( I have most)   4 garlic bulbs green and ready to plant   2-4 horseradish root, depending on the size to either plant or make horseradish sauce with   6+ mixed flock hatching eggs   6+ California white hatching eggs   6 olive egger eggs   10-12 strawberry...
Mine on the black australorpe eggs!!
See if you can get some Bo-Se from a vet or another goat breeder. If you haven't already they should have a bit of that especially if they are a bit weak. Also, you can get stuff called Power Punch from tractor supply or a wonders!! Good luck! I raise Alpines and mini-Alpines and we've learned alot about goats in the 6 or so years we've been at it.    
I love to get anything and everything when it comes to poultry eggs!! I love it all! chickens large and small, ducks, guineas, quail, geese, turkey ANYTHING!!! I just love hatching!!  
I'm shipping both my swaps out Monday the 23rd :)   Jamie
Looks like I stalled the thread...trying to think of what else I have.   2 Forsythia shoots   once they are growing like in a month....10 june bearing strawberry shoots   4 garlic bulbs already greening ready to go in the ground   Here's three more offers. Hope this helps
Thanks sonew!! Glad they are all doing well for you!!    
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