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I guess the separate coops will be tall enough for you to get in if needed? That idea looks great, as long as you don't try to keep too many birds in each coop. I love the central walk way and storage area. Will the 12 EEs be chicks or larger? Once they are grown, you will be crowded, unless the runs are large enough to make up for the smaller sleeping areas. You are talking about 30 birds in 64 sqare feet. If you are in the planning stages, I think you would be happier...
I agree with previous posters: Mealworms are not gross or smelly or icky. They are very interesting and easier to keep track of than red wigglers. A friendly fisherman at the local lake insisted I take his leftovers from his day of fishing (maybe 30 mealies) back in October. I used stuff I had here at home, spending no money. I now have thousands of various sizes mealies, and the chickens love them. Go for it!
Now that you mention it, herbs are the only things in my garden the chickens haven't eaten. Rosemary, sage and curry. There might be an idea for the OP, an herb garden in the chicken yard!
You mentioed that they get supplemented with layer pellets daily. Do you mean their main food is something else?
That does sound very strange. I believe it is too late in the season for them to be reacting to shorter days--mine are starting to pick up production now. No changes to their routine, apparently? It seems you have done your research before posting, which I commend. I can't suggest anything but just waiting it out. Maybe they are just taking a vacation.??? Maybe more experienced members can give you some answers. Welcome to the forum, by the way.
Since your girls weren't raised with a roo, there may be a rough adjustment period while they get accustomed to the routine. If you are like me, it might be harder for you than for the chickens. Also to consider, do you have young chidren who frequent the chicken area? Even roos who are normally mannerly may get freaked out at the sight of a hyperactive little girl in a red dress bouncing around. (My 6 young granddaughters inadvertantly terrorize my five chickens)  And,...
Maybe you could put some nice soft nesting material under the roost. Something that would catch the egg without it breaking, if it is layed while the gal is on the roost. I'm thinking a big pile of straw... Can you tell if the egg is eaten? Is the egg shell broken in two, or is there a definite hole in it? After you post a few more (total 8 or 10?) entries, you can post a photo, which would be hepful. Your problem may not be what you think it is.  
Well, they have egg songs and danger squawks, "I found food!" calls and all sorts of little gripes and contented clucks. All my girls talk to each other and to me. I have one that answers me and initiates conversation. Her vocabulary includes "Huh?"; "Huh-uh!"; "Uh-Huh..."; "Uh-uh-huh!" and "Huh-uh-huh!" with different intonations and accents. I know; She's a genius.
I think it is advised to not feed them anything that they might need grit for yet. Scrambled eggs or yogurt would be ok. When you can't stand it anymore and have to give them worms or grass, etc, you can give them coarse sand for grit.      
Reading different people's comments about wanting to raise meal worms to ensure that their chickens have wintertime protein, I wanted to suggest trapping Japanese Beetles in the summer. Last summer I only had one beetle trap, but I was able to trap and freeze about one and a half gallons of beetles. I had the trap hanging in the chicken yard, to give the girls some entertainment. This summer I will have at least two, in different parts of the lawn. The traps cost $8 to...
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