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I have been away, mostly on FB and I stumbled across your post. I was shocked. Shed a few tears.   I know it is belated but hope you are doing well. I am sorry for your loss.    Been missing you and the others.....I have lots to catch up.
Congratulations! I have been in BYC since Garm took over lol!
Gas prices are pretty low at this point!
Aldi had a similar incident with their ground "beef" LOL!    I think we are the only country that don't eat horses. There IS a business in the SW that sell exotic meats, including zebras and horses.    I don' think the racehorses are the biggest problem. We all know about breeding animals, to mass produce to get the best or get on the "bandwagon" to get a son of ....... for the best lines out there is. Like our chickens, you would be hard pressed to find five excellent...
Boy, I had to read thru the last 20 pages to catch up! Hubby had several job interviews, and got the "thank you" letters from teh employers. He just keep plodding on.   The Rebel flag.......... so much debates on the "state's rights" and "slavery" issues throwing back and forth. How about banning Gold's Gym and Nike shoes, simply because that killer wore it. He also burned the American flag as well. Might just burn the American flag because since the beginning of time,...
Glad to meet you but I no longer have any bantams of that breed. Its an old post! LOL!
Many of the Brabanter and Spitzhauben breeders are over there on FB and quite active.
Did you get what you need?
Looks like you got all your ducks in a row with strong evidence and proof. I hope you will win your case and the vet will have to admit the mistakes.    So sorry about your GSD, they are awesome breed to train and own! I had one I bought from a champion breeder in Springfield, IL. Not sure if she still raises them. Trotswood Kennels was the name.
Hope things are going well for you!
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