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Hi Shaolin, I live in Rural Hall,N.C,about 1.45 minutes away from Raleigh. I raise Picas,horseman theif pouters and rare colored racing homers. I will have some young for sale here soon.  Here is a little history on the picas and horsemans. PICAS: Picas are a spanish breed from spain. They are comonly called "sporting picas"or " sporting pouters" being that they are a performance breed of pouter. The cocks are trained to chase a blue bar hen and mate with her and bring...
OK,got the pics up. I will be selling young birds from these pairs if anybody wants some. Rare colored racers from winning backgrounds starting at $30 a bird.   Thanks
I will have pics on my Pigeon Talk album in a few hours.Hope you like them.   Thanks
Just got two more breeding pairs. A indigo velvet hen from Dave Gazaway,a almond hen from Tom Barnhart,a indigo velvet cock from Toms birds and a Doninant opal cock out of Toms line.   Thanks
Sure,I will keep ya"ll updated. I am getting two more breeding pairs tuesday of next week. It will be almonds,opals and indigo. They are mostly Tom Barnhart line. Good 150mile racers.   Thanks
It is a BC hen with an almond homer cock bird. Both birds are from a strong racing family.   Thanks
Oh,I am sorry,but I think you have to be a member(on PT) to veiw my public albums. Sorry,I did not relize.   Thanks
Hi all, Here is a link to Pigeon Talk with my albums. It is pics of my breeding birds and some flying theif pouters.   Thanks
What do you guys think of the birds?   Thanks
I have one pair left. Here are some pics. First is the hen. Second is the cock.   Thanks  
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