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This is the latest list as pulled from the FB group.      Laura Castle (Zoomummzy)   Bringing: Possibly bringing Serama hatching eggs *Swap Special - $10 per dozen - smooth, frizzled, silkied and silkied frizzles Goat Milk soap from Cindy   Wanting: honey and vanilla from Zanna yellow flowering Gardenia from Cheryl Ellefson apple butter/apple sauce from Kasey scentsy pot and scents from Alica Baca Paint Silkie chicks...
Brenda, PM'd you and emailed you : )
We hope you can join us next year!  The spring Swap already has been booked and a FB group started.  We will not be using BYC much anymore for our swaps so please join us there if you can!
As of right now, we only have 2 spots remaining if you are even remotely thinking of coming, you will need to contact me to reserve one or two of them.  They are $5 each.  I have sold 5 spaces in the last couple days so I doubt these will be around much longer.    Most people are on our FB group now....only a few check here so if you'd like to join us there, that would be great! I'm sure people will be interested in what you have to offer!  Search for Oregon...
Please check your name!!!  This is the name that will be on your vendor card for your table so it's important...please let me know ASAP!
I think you have me talked into 2  :)  And I will take the two you have picked out lol.  I just love it when babies sleep on stuffed animals.  I use old fuzzy socks too and they are so cute on them.  A fox yeah I can see the irony in that one! 
Lol deal :)  I will trust you in all things   Just shoot me a PM on FB and let me know my damage so I can sneak it past DH lol.
Oh boy lol I don't know!  Which gives me a better chance of a girl??? 
  Thank you Pam, I will make that work for you!  I'm going to update it over on the FB group so I have everything in one too many places!!!
Vendor Document:   Laura Castle - Castle Delight Seramas Darcy Fast Shawna - feathers4fun Kathy Steele Karen Huey Amanda Cunningham-Burtch Debbie Wisch Over The Top Orpingtons Lisa Ohling Alica Baca DeAnna Haase Peacedove Lara Paula Moore Pam Kaelynn Donna Pauls Marge Best Jennifer Bryant Rosa - Xccessorize Gina Morrison Kristina...
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