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My DH is the one who started the whole chicken thing at our farm. We both grew up on farms, but he had never had chickens. We always had a few chickens when I was growing up. Then one day some friends showed him and the kids their new pullets they were raising. Next thing I know we have 12 pullets and he is building them a barn sized coop. FAST FORWARD a few years and I am the main caregiver, he has to be reminded who got this started just to get him to pick up supplies...
Better call the wildlife, he is about to make a name for himself I believe. Here in N.C. he would have the entire state chasing him, cops, state troopers, wildlife officals, John Q Public, all the news crews! He wouldn't have time to steal any chickens! LOL
mickey328, I make chickenstew for my husbands fishing trip to the Outer Banks, N.C. At first they were worried about transporting it, and since they only have cooler w/ice out there, keeping it from spoiling.I told them I would freeze it in a cake icing bucket and they would have no problem. They were concerned it wouldn't taste good after being frozen, boy were they surprised.I think it actually taste as good or better after being frozen.
Sorry to hear that these people didn't hold up their end of the deal.Looking forward to seeing the results of your hard work. Around my area there are alot of folks who get into livestock way over their heads, and the result is animals in bad condition. I am asked constantly to take in animals after they avoid the  hardwork and let them get this way. I like that you are trying to use natural remedies that dont cost alot, that is the big reason I cant take in every animal...
I think to put them in the position to be picked off by predators is way more cruel than penning them up. I have some portable fencing I use when I can be around the house all day, but I make sure they are in the run when I cant be.Where I live this is the only way to keep them off the menu.They tend to head back to the run when it gets hot or they have their fill of foraging, so this makes me feel like they are happy there as well.
Please remember everyone that has read your story is praying for you. Keep thinking only about the day you are completely well, keep thinking it is coming soon! Keep thinking postive. You are in my prayers!
I like the look, but it will take me some time to figure it all out. I must say the photos are really neat to look at now, they are so much larger and clearer.
I thought I was the only one who loved the fell of paper and the smell of new books!(sorry trees,  ) Can ya'll believe not one single book this year! Oh well I did get some for my b-day last year and it's coming again soon so maybe then!
I am planning to get some RIR and BSLs this year, I had a really good winter with a group like this a couple years ago. My current flock (a mixed assortment of breeds) has not layed good since early fall. I have never had a flock lay so poorly in fall/early winter, so I am gonna go back to the breeds I know best.
It could be one of them just figured out how they could rake feed out and select the which morsals they like best. Or sometimes the roo will rake feed out for the hens as a romantic gesture. Not very romantic to us, we are paying for his gallant display if feed is being wasted.I have a rubber mat under my feeder for my less than mannerly flock, this way the feed doesnt go through cracks and end up as mouse food.
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