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Really lovely. Fun to sneak a peek at your treasures too 😉
Come on Hectoer we are WAITING
No mountain view here, but I am a water girl so love my morning commute
They look like typical teens, lanky and awkward at times
Gloria Jean, one thing I have found out about keeping chickens is that there are many bad things that can happen to them. While it can be discouraging when things go wrong, they are very rewarding in many different ways. Remember that they are short-lived creatures, so don't be too sad about the birds you have lost. They had a good home and a wonderful life. If you are planning to keep birds only for yourself, and not breed them and pass them on to others, even if it is...
Hi and welcome to BYC and the Michigan thread Follow this link to the Learning Center, there is a section there called Getting Started Raising Chickens
And I just sent six hens, 1 1/2 year old AB crosses, to a friend, who hatched way more cockerels then she expected this year. Here's to fewer chores!
Awww all innocent-like
So sorry GJ 😔
Good one Tom! 😊
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