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One thing I have found is that the work involved seems to be directly related to the number of separate pens more than the actual number of birds. Which is, in turn, directly related to the number of roosters.
Cyn, it sounds like you maybe pushed too hard to get that coop done, and did not get the chance to enjoy the process, and the results (yet). Maybe you guys are just tired. Hopefully you will feel better about it all after you get a rest. Same issue here this fall, looking at another long frigid winter I had to seriously consider just how hard I wanted to work this year. In the last few weeks I have pared down to what will be one pen when the 3 chicks I kept from the...
Thanks Stacy, wish I could, but I am in the process of working my way down to 1 coop for the winter
Hoping for rain for you guys
Hi Opa, nice to see you - and hi to Granny too! My parent's (Grandparent, aunts, uncles, etc) firm rule was always do the right thing, and it has not failed me yet.
Scratch should be fed very sparingly to birds, it is unbalanced and high in fat. If mixed in with balanced feed the birds will often pick through it and eat the less nutritious scratch first. It would be worse for your young birds to eat layer feed than it is for them to eat medicated feed, the high calcium levels can damage their kidneys.
If it was Dr Fulton who said it was safe, then it is safe.
Granny, glad to hear the surgery went well. So sorry you are in such pain. Usually the first 2 days are the worst, keep your chin up. Not sure about ibuprofen interfering with healing, but cigarettes definitely will. Abominable snowman AKA Bumble
Stay safe, Jason, Thanks for news of Linda and Deb Rinda, get your son a electric toothbrush, like a crest spinbrush - they make them for kids too. They do a much better job of cleaning the teeth and the kids enjoy it more.
Hope everything went well, Grannie. Do what the doctors and nurses tell you!
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