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I have been hitting the honey pretty hard the last few days - a raging sore throat which only warm honey water seems to soothe. Tonight I added a sleep aid as well
Rebrascora, thank you for your thoughtful contribution. I have to say I very much enjoy my top bar hive, and quite often would just go out and sit by the hive watching the bees buzz back and forth. The natural substrate floor sounds intriguing.
So here we are warming up after chores
Frozen costumes would have been perfect up here this year - it SNOWED overnight. And did not melt!! Ugh.
John, you must have been up here during a mild spell. Last winter made up for all that. So sorry to hear about your uncle, Opa, there are some folks who you just wish were around for just a little longer.
Well "it" is here. The bad S-word. Enough said.
Not irises, but my Magnolia, which did not bloom this spring and looked rough for a while this summer, had several blossoms this fall.
Aww Silly, so sorry to hear about your ewe.Welcome to BYC and the Michigan thread. Sorry I can't help you. I know Sand Hill Preservation has Silver Campines, if you don't mind getting chicks.Opa, did you get rid of all of your Vorweks and Welsummers?
Nice Mary! I actually like Boboli.
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