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A good thorough vacuuming and dusting should do the trick.  You could also disinfect the hard surfaces, I would recommend an oxi-type cleaner/disinfectant as they are much less toxic.
I would hatch in the still air, and put your next batch into the forced air.
I think that if your older girls could get used to younger ones gradually, they might be OK, and even appreciate the company - chickens are flock birds.  Maybe is they were penned separately but by each other for a while. Your coop is large enough that you could subdivide it.  Personally I would add youngsters that the older girls could boss around.  I would not add a rooster unless there were plenty of other hens to occupy their attention.
Rinda that is so cute - obviously Sophie takes you much more seriously than the junior-trainer-in-training  
Lots of young birds migrating around right now.  Looking for a free chicken dinner.   Mary, ouch 
Oh that's too bad Kelli!  Only one - maybe could be a lot worse.
I am so sorry to hear about your losses.   Coyotes and foxes are very efficient predators and usually kill then remove their prey.  Have you considered that there may have been something else, such as a stray dog, around?
Not an epic fail, just needs a little tweaking.  I agree that replacing the paver base with pea gravel over (and under as well if possible) the drain will help considerably, as would eaves on the sides.     As far as inside, you might consider pouring concrete floors for each pen as you go along, like what you were talking about with the wood floors but more permanent and water resistant, and could be done one bit at a time.  
Kelli, six? Seriously? Did you by any chance moved to North Alaska while I wasn't watching? Even here we were in the twenties this morning.
Yes, bromothelin is an irreversible poison, unlike warfarin poisons. Don't know who thought that was a good idea.
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