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Haven't been able to get to a computer for a few days, so glad to hear michaels surgery went well. That picture of Loca is great, by the way.
That is good top hear Opa, they spent too many years together to be so far apart. Hi to Granny!
Mary I love that picture of you and Emily. Hope things go well today. I am sure Tucker will have a riot at puppy camp. Nice to see you Dear, I was just thinking about you the other day. My second appointment for the crown got postponed, crown did not arrive
   Waiting for new on Michael - I can hear the Jeopardy music playing in the background
Coyote. Did you give poor Jack a bell? I suppose Michael thinks he's better than the critters, hmm?
If you are putting her back in the flock, just use the blue kote.
Hi mundamnsel, and welcome to the Michigan thread.  Generally you want about 4 square feet of floor space per bird in the coop.  This may be more important during times of the year when the weather is cold and they are inside a lot of the time.  You can add roosts, and enclose or partially cover/enclose a run to increase the space they have to move around.
You are welcome - it is so nice to have a place to come to ask questions, and share our interests, successes and failures
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