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unfortunately all the wyandottes I have had were pretty flighty too, especially the blue laced red
sounds like they are trying to flood you out
9 years is old for any chicken. Fresh whey is a great source of protein, and animals seem to really love it.
Sounds like they are close,  likely they do not appreciate the grey skies and short days, just like the rest of us.  It actually rained here yesterday, just enough to create icy trouble on the roads for the less than intelligent drivers.
Oh thanks for the notice, I would have worried
P.S. I love the pictures of the bar code birds.
Good old girl Dusty. I'm sitting at home waiting for the propane tanker to come fill my pig. While on both prepay and autofill, with a cash balance on my account, somehow they missed me and my tank ran dry. I thought the house seemed cold, but Jimmy said it was 68. Unfortunately that was the thermostat setting, not the actual temperature. Right now it is 21 degrees outside and heading down. Fortunately the gas company truck is on the way. Since it was their fault, I will...
That poor thing. Hope she passes quickly.
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