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Love the accessories, especially the lamb toy
Always good to know where folks can seek help, thanks 
Oh great    Although even up here in the middle of nowhere we had to call the cops on the drug house operating directly across the street from the office.  Which they knew about, and let alone - looking for a "big fish"? Lazy?  Who knows.  But they pulled out on their own thank goodness.  Second time in 10 years.
Mary your photography skills really show in the facebook posts for the Market
Yes no new dog pics lately
Must be the BRs weren't around
If they were herding dogs you would say they have a good eye
I patched a crack in the horse trough with 5200, that was dry to the touch in 12 hours but takes 72 to cure    And speaking of livestock where has Rinda been?? Huh??
Yay, good for Von! and for you Tap the Chicken Whisperer
Even though painful it is good for Tom to be up and around a little, keeps down the risk of blood clots.  Poor Tom.
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