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Anything that seals the wood from moisture will prolong it's life, make it easier to clean, and keep it more hygenic.  Ideally you would paint the cut ends of the boards as well.   Some paints are much less volatile than others, check at a local store to see what they have available.
Kelli I think that is a great picture!   Wow Rinda glad I only have one hive - they have been doing very well, but if we get a nice day I need to get in there and check and make sure the queen is laying. It has been mostly windy and cool, and now we are getting rain as well.
Good luck 
You are welcome.  Cute chicks 
I could not find any tomatoes with that name - is it tagged with a specific name?
You  might also post in the Free to New Home section of the Buy-Sell-Trade section of the Forum
Scratch grains is a mix of different grains that birds find very attractive.  I have occasionally tossed in some wild bird seed.  Both are high in fat (like most grains), so small amounts are best.  You could also give them some oats or oatmeal.  When feeding whole grains be sure to offer granite grit to allow proper digestion.
What breed are they?  Some breeds just take longer to fill out completely.  I would get them on a gamebird feed with free choice calcium to encourage better feather development and growth.
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