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(Waving as I pass through NW Georgia on my way to Fl)
How young is the cockerel? He may be intimidated by Isi, and do abetter job given some girls on his own.
I got nuts from HH last year and they were wonderful, moist and plump and so tasty. 
Sorry PK    If anyone is looking for some good pecans I got nuts from these folks last year and they were delicious - moist, plump and tasty, Nothing like the ones you get in the store here
Blessed rain for you!   Did Billy come back home, or has he been adopted by the neighbor lady(s)?   If anyone is looking for some pecans, I bought from these folks last year and they were some of the best pecans I have every had - placed my 10# order today
Scratch, BOSS and corn are best fed as a side treat, and in small quantities.  As you found they will pick through their food and waste a lot.  In addition they are not balanced in nutrition and very high in fat to use as more than a treat.
B&J had a flavor with chocolate dipped potato chips, sounded good in theory but was one of the worst ice creams I have ever eaten 
Reportable avian diseases in Michigan
Silly, when you do get it working I would love to see a little video of you using it
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