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They are lovely
We had fabulous fireworks this year, and from the shoreline could see the Mackinac Island ones three miles across the water as well
I remember that quilt, you posted a picture of it, it was very pretty.  You are right about my mom, she has never sold a quilt, just gives them away, and I think those lucky enough to get one have appreciated the quality of her work, even if they do not completely understand the amount of effort put into it.
Basically white masks all other colors, meaning that white birds can carry other color genes that are not expressed.   Recessive white is recessive to other colors if the bird contains only one gene, so is difficult to identify without crossing to another recessive white carrier.  I think my rooster will be retired to flock boss for a pet group of birds, as I have at least 3 not directly related cockerels to raise for a replacement - hopefully not carrying recessive...
I would say a top is a must, as birds of prey are always around, as are stray dogs and other predators that could hop right over that low fence
My mom does about a quilt a year, completely hand-done. They are gorgeous.
Not sure which is harder, loosing them or having to do the deed
X2 may just be a glitch in the egg-laying mechanism.
Just once a year Snowflake.   If it is good quality straw the seed heads should be wheat or oats, which are easily weeded out, and don't spread by the roots like grasses will - just pull it up and leave it on the ground under the plants.  If it was hay that is a different story, it is full of weed and grass seeds of all kind and not very good for mulching unless you run it through a hot mulch pile first.   Those flowers are lovely, Opa
I hate autocorrect - glad you were able to translate, Rinda 
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