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Let us know how it turns out 
Thanks, just not sure if I thought of everything 
Egg peritonitis is an unfortunate result of internal laying.  It seems more common in hatchery birds.  Unfortunately it is not a great thing for the hen, and can reoccur.  This thread has some information on medication that may help prevent your hen from producing eggs, but it is probably expensive.  There is quite a bit of information as you read through the entire thread.  Hope your hen recovers...
Cyn, if you have time could you give a word of advice to this new peep?  I have never integrated chicks with a broody before, and I know you have -
Probably best to let the chicks dry and fluff before removing them from the incubator.   It can negatively affect your hatch if you open the incubator before all the chicks that are going to hatch do, and you can just leave them in the incubator until they fluff, or put them in a brooder for a short time if you need to while you see how the hens are with the chicks they hatched themselves.
Hi Michael, welcome to BYC It would make an interesting temporary shelter for a couple of birds, would it have an attached run? It would likely need some work to make it predator proof. I always like to re-use materials if possible.
I think you must mean Fowl Pox . i have never vaccinated for it, just allowed it to run its course, similar to what you would normally do for chicken pox in people.
Chicks can internally pip fit a day or longer before hatching. If you are that close to hatching, better to not open your incubator, as that may adversely affect not only that egg, but the other eggs. You might want to check out the Hatching 101 article in the Learning Center, it has excellent advice for many situations. Good luck with your hatch
Hi Leo, you might want to edit the phone number out of your post. There are people who use computers to surf public websites for phone numbers and use them for marketing and for other intrusive uses. Instead, ask people to send you a private message, then you can give them your number that way in return. You can edit your post by clicking on the little pencil icon in the lower left corner. Good luck selling your livestock, and welcome to BYC
If hey are standard size hens they should be able to handle a dozen chicks each. Wait until their own start hatching to see if they are interested in babies - some hens are fine while on the eggs but but not good with chicks. Once you are sure accept their chicks, you can sneak a few more chicks in, and if they do okay with them then you can sneak a few more.
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