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Usually when you combine birds you will have some disruption.  Sometimes things settle down in a week or two, other times the changes throw some birds into a molt, and they will not start laying again until the molt is over.  Hopefully they will all settle in soon.
Ha Ha - "Friendly but not needy" - unlike the hoard of heathen BR chicks  
One of the problems with housing birds continuously in the same area is that if they get worms, then some of the parasite life cycle is in the environment (ground or bedding), and so survives the deworming.  Then the birds get re-infested by scratching around and eating off the ground.   The best time to deworm is in the late fall when you have had several hard freezes to kill the environmental parasites.  Ideally when you deworm you would move your birds to a clean...
Yes they are.  Smart and quick - sounds like a good free-range roo.
Cool and dry this year, having to water the gardens all the time. Hoping for temps at least back up into the 70's this week.  Chickens are doing great!  
I have Arkansas Blues from John, very nice (and very rare) birds.  They are excellent layers of blue eggs.
Hi Buddy, welcome to BYC    You should think about buying bagged animal bedding shavings instead of shavings from a sawmill.  Shavings for animal bedding have been kiln dried and are clean, shavings from other sources may have been made from green wood and be wet, or stored in a way that may increase the risk of mold or other contaminants.  Any good farm supply store will sell shavings in plastic bales.  Look for the course, not the fine ones (those are too dusty).
Hi and welcome to BYC    Cute chicks - including the blonde!
Lots - they are quite tasty and can be fairly substantial in size.  They do take a lot longer to reach eating age, and so cost more than meat hybrids per pound of result.     Unfortunately breeds raised for egg production tend to have smaller frames with much less meat, and are not cost effective to raise for eating.
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