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Wow! And Hi, FB
DeerSure they weren't wasps or hornets that stung you? Bees are usually quite docile.
I have seen very few bees this year either
Pretty - love the D'Uccle
Tap, that sounds like fun. Almost makes me want to drive down and cheer you on
Welcome to BYC and the Michigan thread 
Hopefully it a nice robust pullet.
Funny I don't see any stripes in that pile 
Hi and welcome to BYC and the Michigan thread  Actually, a cinder block building would retain cold in the winter - they radiate cold inwards.  If you incorporate your coop inside the building, you might consider insulating the walls.  Generally, you want to provide 4 square feet of space in the coop, and 10 square feet of run space per bird.  I would probably wall off an area so that you can reduce drafts, chickens can tolerate very cold temps but need a relatively...
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