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Wow sun! And is your grass turning green?
Fortunately I am the boss
Thanks all!  I am usually a little late to work this time of year as sunrise is just around the same time as work time - but the sunrises are worth it.
I think the back road access to the barn is genius.  
I don't want to hijack Mary's thread but just one more - this view is not unusual this time of year, the air is very clear in the morning and usually there are some patchy clouds, later in the day when the lake effect kiks in the sun disappears completely.  Mackinac Island to the left and the sun rising over Round Island.  
 Farmerboy she is a doll!  Congratulations to you and your wife.  And we do miss you, although likely your life is very busy right now. And you are still just a youngster to some of us here!   that things go well
John when those nice young folks ask if I need help loading my feed I laugh and ask if they are going to help me unload it too
Hmmm, that should have been this picture - that one is my back yard. Lots of little birds at the feeders in this weather.
Hi Holm Strait up sriracha! We got about 8" plus rain on top, made it the heaviest snow we have seen for a while. Supposed to get down to 0 tonight so all that wet stuff should set up hard as iron. The horses don't seem worried The Mighty Huron, only ferry running right now. Last winter the lake froze solid end of December and folks were crossing on snowmobiles. Not this year though
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