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I'm a big fan of good Delawares, but they are hard to find - I have had some nice birds from Sand Hill Preservation.   You might enjoy reading through this thread, started by the great breeder Bob Blosl - he was a great gentleman and teacher of breeding for quality birds.
 I would love to see a video - what do the hens think about the little devil?
When I bubble wrap I roll the eggs in the wrap, leaving the ends open.  This should allow air to get in by the eggs.   Shipping can be hard on eggs not just because it causes breakage, but also because the jostling can disrupt the embryonic disc, and temperature fluctuations can affect hatchability as well.  While discouraging, it is the only way some of us will ever have access to exceptional genetics.
I've seen them before but not up this far north.
I think that is a Venus' Looking Glass
Sound perfect.
Rooster. With uneven wattles. Although they might even out with age.
I am at this moment unsure of how many I have
I would not trust him with young stock unsupervised.
Have you looked through this page?
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