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I shovel out part of my run to keep the snow down, and throw a little straw on top of the shoveled part to encourage them to come out scratch around.
Try taking some warm water with epsom salts in it and doing a warm compress on that area twice a day. Epsom salts are very soothing and will reduce inflammation discharge and odor
Nope, I agree completely
Oh yes I see her now. Funny how they are all casually turned to face him - the magnetic force of The Hector
Now heaven knows I was nowhere near tops of my math class, but I do believe there are only 4 hens in this picture🎵 one of these things is not like the others 🎶
great motto! I am so glad I am too old for all of that foolishness
So sweet, and such a pretty color too
Now that is a big armful of bird pi
Really lovely birds, Mindylee
You can buy inexpensive aluminum in long sheets, I used it to wrap the posts my bird feeders hang from to keep squirrels and other pests out. I think it's called trim coil.
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