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Found a dead hen this morning when I went out to do chores - one of my CL's. She was not currently laying, in good condition with food in her crop. Everone has seemed quite healthy lately. She was laying upside down in the nest box with her feet sticking out, it did look like the bedding was kicked around some. Appears like stroke/heart attack/seizure. A short life but a happy one.
Crazy - imagine if you had not seen it, like you say, I would assume a predator.
That fabric was made for you. Hopefully Deacon is just fatigued from took much manly activity.
TD, looks like your color is very good. How is your egg color?
Good for you, Opa. And good thoughts will be with you on Tuesday.
Thought this was interesting - a Gaamps class?
So sorry John - hope everything goes well
Nice to hear that Atlas shaped up into such a fine boy and left his teenage troubles behind.   It is clear I could never be a true Southerner, sweet tea makes my teeth ache .  My grandmother gave us tea (hot) from the time we were young, but never let us use any sugar in it, so I just got used to it that way.  
Woodpeckers are only after food - trees that are heavily damaged are usually heavily bug-infested.  Drought makes trees more vulnerable to insects, who do a lot of damage, and so the woodpeckers will come in search of dinner.  Our Pileated woodpeckers will chisel big rectangular holes, 3" wide by 5" tall.  When I see a lot of them in a tree I know it is probably doomed.
Thanks to all the generous donors.
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