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Just love those fuzzy little chick butts. And I agree about deceased folks and living creatures.
Yes and I can sure see why it is called that, it was covered with bees of all kinds - 7 types that I could count for sure.
My sister's beebalm is in full bloom, and covered with all kinds of different bees - who knew there were so many kinds!    There was microbee - maybe 1/8" long, look at the pollen bags!     A smaller bumblebee for comparison -      And this lovely green bee -   
Yes Mary that looks lovely - bet it tasted good as well.    for the firefighters, though   Happy birthday, Nicole
Wow Cecropia caterpillar very cool!
when I lived down state I had a screech owl that lives in the woods behind my house, and it was trill at night - I just love that sound The wild Firesensor bird!
Anytime the good stuff is on sale I buy some, cut the pack in half, and freeze it for a good reason. Which homegrown tomatoes definitely is. Got some Hormel Black Label stocked up.
Now I want a tomato - and Bacon, Mayo and toasted bread
Fraid not
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