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The combs in males will start to pink up and become larger compared to pullets, and by 7-8 weeks it should be noticeable.  Some breeds are a little harder - Silkies can be very difficult to sex.
Very few thermometers sold in stores are really accurate enough for hatching.  Brinsea's Spot Check is very accurate and has an easy-to-read digital display.  Any hygrometer (or thermometer) you buy should ALWAYS be calibrated - you can do a google search to find several good ways of doing that.
Welcome to BYC    You might try posting in your State thread.  Click on the Forum tab, scroll down to Social, and then to the Where am I - Where are You section.  You can then look for your state thread.
In the USA all organic feed is GMO free.  Organic is becoming more available, TSC now carries a line of Organic feed.
Welcome to BYC    You will get better answers if you post your questions in the most appropriate area of the Forum.  If you click on the Forum tab, you can then scroll through the different sections of the Forum, and select one that seems best.   Your Ivermectin should have an expiration date on it.  If it is stored at the recommended temperature (also on the label), it will maintain its full potency for at least that long.
It may or may not work, depending on the hen - be sure to watch carefully to make sure she accepts the chicks, and does not peck them to death.  Usually bantams can handle around 5 eggs or so, so 7 full-sized chicks may be a few too many - again, you will have to watch that all the chicks will fit under her.    Check this thread out
Here is a thread explaining how to submit pictures -
Hi and  welcome to BYC    As Diva said, go to the Forum tab - scroll down to Social - then Where am I - Where are You, then you can search the threads for the Minnesota one.   Or you can click here -
Hi and welcome to BYC 
Hi and welcome to BYC    You will need to remove the turner at around day 18, as chicks can get tangled in the mechanism.  I would also suggest putting in a divider, or hatching your egg in a plastic basket, so that the hatching chick does not bash around your other eggs. You will need to hand-turn your later-hatching eggs..   It may be hard for you to supply what the different hatches need, as the hatching chick needs a higher humidity level, which may affect how your...
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