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I have had good luck with woodchucks using apples in the live trap
  Out in the garden a few days ago and found this busy bee  
Cute chick, Cynthia! Dentist - blech.
Tail filling in. love the long skinny adolescent neck. Cute chick, are you thinking of growing him out too?
Lettuce and other greens, peas, radishes
You really need to have at least one bird necropsied. Sad as it is, you need that information to try to help the rest of your flock. Snowflake knows what needs to be done.
Candled and 27 of the 29 eggs set a week and a half ago look good. Cream Legbars and legbar mixes. I have seven hens and my cream Legbar rooster going to new homes and the three extra young roosters heading for freezer camp soon, so there will be plenty of room.
There have definitely been some issues with that, I have not been affected but I don't know if it comes and goes, or if only certain members are having problems.
Are the sick birds vaccinated for Mareks disease?
Did they have a list of possible breeds?  Some chickens are quite large compared to others, such as Jersey Giants or good-quality Orpingtons.
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