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Lake Superior is especially cold this year.  As far as wading in, the good news is that by the time you get in to your knees, your feet are numb.  Of course that does not stop the yoopers from hopping in occasionally!  A good dose of malt beverages or aged grape juice helps considerably.
Steroids works great for puppy strangles, has only minor side effects, and they usually recover well once treated.
We are, apparently, having the entire town over for a cookout.  Started out as some musician friends over for music and food - we did it last year and it was great.  But BF has been asking just about everyone he knows this year (including everyone he saw that he knew at the Casino last night while under the influence of large amounts of malt beverage) so now I am not sure what it going to happen.  If nothing else it will be interesting.
I have a Speckled Sussex hen that has a home here for life, due to her sweet, friendly nature.
It is hard to beat Baffin boots for warmth. My BF got me a pair last winter and they are worth every penny - durable and warm even snowmobiling in subzero temps.
I have had good luck with woodchucks using apples in the live trap
  Out in the garden a few days ago and found this busy bee  
Cute chick, Cynthia! Dentist - blech.
Tail filling in. love the long skinny adolescent neck. Cute chick, are you thinking of growing him out too?
Lettuce and other greens, peas, radishes
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