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not sure if it's so much is a sinkhole as a big blowout on the side of a slope. Cool video.
Umh, not about to start flipping spiders over to check their undersides
I love seeing bobcats around my place, they are beautiful and great varmint hunters.
 Sorry Kathy - lots of nice folks up here
I can spend $400 at Wal Mart in about 2 trips  - in my defense, there are not that many places up here to shop.   Love the lights.   I just finished installing a new in-cabinet oven. My old one, a 4 year old POS Maytag, has had progressive issues with the touch pad, finally ending with only being able to bake at 350 degrees - and no light, broiler, convection, or ability to change the clock.  When I looked into fixing it they said the repair would cost 300-400, and...
I have seven young roosters in a cooler in the garage ready to package and put in my freezer. It is waaaaay quieter here today. When I saw the new pic also immediately though of crab cakes and got hungry. And there is a bottle of vodka in my freezer too.
If a hen hatched out pears would she get partridges?
He really does need the WHOLE bed.
Definitely a girl. That second pic should be titled "That is the weirdest chicken I've ever seen!"
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