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My 84 year old mother still does everything by hand, from cutting the fabric with scissors to hand quilting. She is a true artist and her quilts are unique and lovely.
Also sometimes called dropping a wing.
If that is a first pullet egg it might be a double yolker
I especially like the way you trimmed them out, very neatly done.
Increased platelet count can be secondary to other things, or a primary disorder.  That is why they are doing a bone marrow biopsy, as the primary one, while less common, is more serious.
Glad to hear from you both - what an update Dar, don't know how you do all that and work too.   First snow last night here.
I find his lack of tail feathers disturbing
Fall up here has between fabulous, now that it finally arrived
Plus every bird is as individual as different people are. While my sister's and I are alike in some ways, we are very different in others. Atlas' mother was also higher in the hierarchy, as well as an excellent and protective mother. His developmental months were spent in tranquility without threats. That also helps with a calm demeanor. So sorry to hear about your old girls. My Dad's cat I'm sure was telling me goodbye when she sought me out.
I have not had an aggressive SS yet, although they are extremely social - sometimes annoyingly so, my only current hen is literally underfoot all the time.
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