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Hmmm Interesting... I had never read that silkies wouldn't use a ramp, therefore my silkies never got the memo. up and down all day long.
I have a banty cochin and a silkie in with 5 standard size hens. raised together, the banty rules the roost....
Ok I'm all in... pullet.I've already re-homed my boy. he was crowing at around 12 weeks. he was all boy. We knew it when all his feathers came in after the dinosaur look. He looked the part, he acted the part and in the end he sounded the part.
for what its worth I have them in my office and hate them. what a huge mistake. cracked, faded, yellowing, lifting and all around nasty. but I suppose in a chicken coop not so bad. just use floor glue and get them stuck down.
Do you mean weather tight like keeping rain out, wind out? chickens need soooo much ventilation that I would never again think it needed to be weather tight. if you needed to keep sideways rain out to keep bedding dry then I suppose some weather stripping would do.  but think ventilation ventilation ventilation. when you see condensation running down the wall you know you need more....
OMG!! My hen is still broody too!!! she has been broody for almost 5 months! when is she going to get over it! I gave her chicks! for crying out loud!
I did that 9 weeks ago. worked GREAT! its called "grafting". only thing is I think you should separate her and her chicks from everyone else for at least a week or so. she will protect them the best she can but it is only the best she is capable of. and your chicks will be wild! mine are totally afraid of us. no holding them in the box in the house and "socializing" them. but broody hen is soooo much easier! good luckBTW WELCOME!!!!
do a quick search for cocci
OORRR you could go to your feed store and get stall dry or another equally as effective and more readily available product.  my feed store sells 50 lbs of DE for 20. I'm not impressed. I practically need a hazmet suit to use it. I have asthma and DE really does a number on me.
mine roost with all the other chickens. I gave them the opportunity by building a ramp. it took a little while for them to figure it out. it was so pathetic to watch them try to fly up to the roost and then flopping back down, it was just sad.
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