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Oh.. geesh... maybe a teaspoon? Less maybe even!
I only have three hens so I don't need a huge amount of fodder.  I just use it as a treat for them every day AAANNNNDDD  it keeps them busy as I think they enjoy pulling it apart and flinging it everywhere!  I was growing it in small flats (BARLEY) and pulling pieces off. THEN I got this funny egg carton! Now I start 4-6 spots every couple of days and just give the girls a few of the full grown clumps every day. I have a perfect, never ending supply that doesnt take up a...
Well, I don't know what to tell you other than mine know what they need/want!    My 3yo Buff Orpington hens have always roosted at night....until this BRUTAL winter where it has gotten down to -20F some nights! Now they sleep huddled close together on the floor in the shavings! I think I would too!  LOL! 
On some cold winter days my smallest BO hen October "Toby" asks for this treatment:  This morning, she and I walked all the way out to the main road to pick up the newspaper (probably 1/4 mile) ... she slept the whole time and didn't want to get out when we got back! My neighbors must think I'm a NUT JOB! LOL!   She's warm, I'm warm!  
I never thought I would provide heat for my three BO hens... they're birds... they shouldn't need heat.... however this Maine winter has been brutal this year.  40 today  -16 tonight... up down up down, rain/wet/freeze, rain/wet/freeze...   My run is really WET when it rains or thaws increasing the possiblity of frostbite...                 ...and they aren't just chickens to me...      I broke down and bought a Sweeter Heater for inside the coop (4X4 and...
I just ordered 5lbs of barley for sprouting! I can't wait to do this for my hens!!! 
My three BO hens decided in the last month that they want to sleep off the roost too.  They now sleep one in the nest box which is on the floor, and the other two as close to her and each other as possible! All three little heads together (so cute!).  It has been cold here in Maine. Two nights ago it was 18 below zero! I dunno.  I think they just want to be cuddled closer together in the shavings and warm! Smart!
Honestly, I wouldn't put a heat lamp out there.  What a terrible thing if your coop caught fire and those poor birds were trapped. They will be fine, fine, fine. As long as they are in a coop and there are no drafts, they will be fine. I worry about my girls being cold too but I have to remind myself that they are birds and they are well  equipped for the cold weather. I get it though! I get it! :) Happy Thanksgiving!
I provide grit for them.
 I have a BO hen that has just come off molt and has lost some weight subsequently. She has had a very full but maleable crop the last few days. It does go mostly down during the night. She has always been a piggy, eat, eat, eat.  I just wormed them all last weekend andI started noticing the full, full crop since the worming. Even though her crop seems full she continues to chows down.  I kept the food away from her (except for some mash in the morning) for one day. When I...
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