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Every morning that I don't have to go to work I sit out with my coffee and let my 3 girls out of the coop. We are still in sort of a fenced in area, just to contain them although they stay right near me the whole time.  This morning there was a terrible commotion behind me (I'm in the woods) an I immediately picked up the closest chicken.  Right there, not 3 feet away from me, was a weasel who had just caught a chipmunk!!  Believe it or not, I've never seen a weasel...
It may not be considered bumblefoot but it sure looks like similar infection to me.  Again, no expert here!  Good luck!
Staff infection I would say. Poor babies.  Must be so painful!
                              The girls and I catching up on The Walking Dead.    
I have a 3 year old (sweet) Buff Orpington hen and these are her symptoms:   -She seems to be a bit stiff in the legs (for the last 3-4 weeks)  -Her tail is up and then it slowly goes down. The "penguin" look. (last 3-4 weeks).  -When she is picking up treats off the ground she SOMETIMES looks like she is having a hard time, she's stiff and her tail almost dragging on the ground, like her legs want to give out. -She has had a very minor nasal "clicking" (for lack of...
Oh.. geesh... maybe a teaspoon? Less maybe even!
I only have three hens so I don't need a huge amount of fodder.  I just use it as a treat for them every day AAANNNNDDD  it keeps them busy as I think they enjoy pulling it apart and flinging it everywhere!  I was growing it in small flats (BARLEY) and pulling pieces off. THEN I got this funny egg carton! Now I start 4-6 spots every couple of days and just give the girls a few of the full grown clumps every day. I have a perfect, never ending supply that doesnt take up a...
Well, I don't know what to tell you other than mine know what they need/want!    My 3yo Buff Orpington hens have always roosted at night....until this BRUTAL winter where it has gotten down to -20F some nights! Now they sleep huddled close together on the floor in the shavings! I think I would too!  LOL! 
On some cold winter days my smallest BO hen October "Toby" asks for this treatment:  This morning, she and I walked all the way out to the main road to pick up the newspaper (probably 1/4 mile) ... she slept the whole time and didn't want to get out when we got back! My neighbors must think I'm a NUT JOB! LOL!   She's warm, I'm warm!  
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