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Last year I made some wool felt hen ornaments.  I wanted to make an ornament for each breed of chicken I have kept, but I only got around to making three- Buff Orp, Speckeled Sussex and Buckeye.  Maybe someday I will finish the rest!     **I am having trouble posting the pics but I will try again in a bit**
I have a Buckeye hen that I would like to sell.  She is 2 years old, and while I like the breed I get quite annoyed at their broodiness.  I have a pair of them left from the eggs I bought from Buckeye Dave ( and I am going to keep one and sell the other so I only have to deal with one broody hen at a time. If you are looking for a broody hen to sit on fertile eggs this is it!  I am asking $10.  She is missing some head feathers from tussling with the...
I wanted to mention that some of the gray coloring you see on some of the chick's backs is from when I had to spray Blu-Kote on some of them when they were 2 weeks old.   They were pecking bloody spots on one another and the Blu-Kote stopped it- however that stuff sure takes forever to wear off!
I have 5 Light Sussex chicks that I am trying to sex.  Will you please help me?  The pictures aren't great, it was a windy day today so the feathers ruffled in the wind, and I had to snap the pictures quickly before the chicks flew off the roof of the coop.One of them is obviously a cockerel.  However, he is actually the smallest in stature of my chicks:I think that the other 4 are pullets, but I am not sure.  I can't yet tell by the neck feathers, so I am going on the...
Hi Chemguy!  I am originally from Springfield, and my parents still live there- sounds like they are located close to you.  I can't help you on where to get your supplies, but I am sure there are plenty of feed stores close to you.  Have fun building your flock!
I have a light sussex roo that you can have for $5.  He is 7 weeks old.
Thanks for the update Sean- Yay on that first egg!
I like this one of my Austrolorp.  It looks like she is talking to me
S.L.Swope :Yeah My borther in-law won!!!! He's totally not into chickens but loves me and posted an entry and told me I could have what ever he won!! :celebrateYeah for me THANKS MARTY!!!! Sleepy Officer Swope!!Oh, I loved that pic of the sleeping guy-   That one made my day when I saw it posted.  Congratulations!
This looks a bit complicated than it need be- but, what a cute little coop!
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