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I'm in Mananahawkin  08050
Hi guys I know I haven't been around in a long time but there have been health issues.  I really need help. I'm moving and can't take my flock. I've managed to find homes for half the flock but I can't find anyone to take the 2 ducks and the goose. They are a bonded group The goose is a seebie and will be 4 at the end of the month.  I got her when she was 4hrs. old so she is very sweet. The ducks are Muscovies. The drake just turned 1 and the hen is 4.  I can try to post...
yeah !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
need home for him he hasn't crowed yet but I'm sure he will soon also 1 silkie chick I'm pretty sure it's a boy Will sent pic if interested.
I will be posting a list of who I need to re-home. I can send pics if anyone wants to see them.   now the dog barks to much! I am going to keep some they are therapy birds I talk to them when I'm feeling down. We have been talking alot lately. the 2 in the avatar need to go together. boy and girl bantams
how old is the second group?  
I'm soo sorry it's hard when you lose a favorite
thank you I'm going to get it asap  
Thank you all so much  Their biggest complant is flies and THEY say there is a smell the coop backs up to another neighbors house less than 20feet and she said there is no smell at all.She is going to join the fight! These people have lived behind me for 6 years and now there is a smell  Any idea how to cut down on flies? I was told that deluted listerine works good on smells and so does apple cider vinegar My coop does meet the township set back from their property.   
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