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I'm useing shelf liner for years and I 'm very happy with it.
Blown away from your georgus work love love love it
AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWwwweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee she is so cute What is her name?  
Thanks GrannysRoost............. Hope they learn, that life never comes with an garantie and all the desicions you make are 50 % right and 50 % wrong.
Thanks you 2 Yes I have Skype, but my son is still mad @ me, because I moved to USA. To give me the link to the hospitalsite with the annoncement was allready a big thing...............Life is such an unfair sport.......................
Got my blocks yesterday. Thank you so much LADIES, they are so BEAUTYFULL. I take a break with the swaps and will start a crib quilt, because I'm a Gandma for the very first time. Little Henry's birthday is Feb 20 and he lives in Germany. So sad, that I can't hold him in my arms..............hubby just found a job and in this economy *sigh*   However, I will post pics from the blocks tomorrow on my block..........   And if you follow my blog, you will see the...
  I surely have recipes for Spaetzle and Schnitzel Schnitzel is easy..................just take pork chops, flaten them with a pan or so, then take 3 plates, 1 with four, 1 with a beaten egg and 1 with breadcrums..............flipp your porkchops first in flour, then in egg and at last in breadcrums and then they need do go in your hot frying pan with a little veggyoil. reduce the heat then, so that they don't burn and get them golden on both sides. Sometimes I put some...
My blocks are here and they are so beautyful. Thanks everyone for doing such a great job. Spec. thanks to Marty for hosting this swap And pics are on my Blog 
Does that mean, they are @ your house now? If so I happy that they had a speed trip  
Sorry for the wait, but sometiomes Life is agaist you. My blocks are on the way since Thursday. Hope you are not too mad @ me   
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