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I have many wonderful from chicks from her now. She is a wonderful person, and an awesome breeder!
Thanks, I am getting some from her, just looking for a few more from someone else. Thanks though!
I am looking for German New Hampshire chicks. Shipping is OK. :) I am having a hard time finding any. Can anyone here help??? You can PM me if needed..... Thanks!!
Couple hours left on the choc wyandottes.... Current bid $15...
I have not even given a thought to breeding my 2 mini girls, until now. Beautiful!!!!
  I have up for auction 6+ (currently 8 eggs) of my chocolate wyandotte bantam eggs.  My pen consists of 1 roo and 5 hens, and are GFF lines.  I am NPIP and located in North Florida. Starting bid 15.00 + 14.00 shipping usps priority mail. I bubble wrap and double box. Auction ends at 7pm EST tomorrow 9/18/13 to ship Thursday  9/19 if quick payment received. I accept paypal.     
you are addicted. :p
Only day old (72 hours and less in age) poultry can be sent in the brown chick boxes that don't have biofilters installed. Anything over that age has to be in birdsboxes WITH biofilters. Always use a size appropriate box NEVER include things like cups of water, or watermelon. They make the boxes wet. Do include grogel, oranges, grapes cut up (chicks/chickens)  There are very few boxes actually APPROVED for shipping live birds, don't fall for a cheap box that isn't...
Thanks! Got your payment Rhodebars are still available!
I have 2 sets of eggs that need to be sold, local person canceled. These would need to ship tomorrow, 7/31/13. 1. 12 cream legbar eggs 2. 12 Rhodebar eggs Fertility has been great here. I bubble wrap and double box. $30 each set shipping included. 1st person to post sold and sends payment via paypal to gets them Please put in comments which set of eggs payment is for. My CCL and Rhodebar are both GFF. Rhodebar I have 2 roos and 5 hens CCL I have...
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