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Is it a part of your job title to clean up like that? If not I would stop untill they realize how much you really do and learn your name! That is completely rude for them to expect it of you. I am also the receptionist for where I work and I am expected to pick up extra work from others who do not want to do their own and order their lunch and make sure it is correct. I put a stop to all of it real quick. Also my office "was" the throw all for all their paper work and...
Rules at my work are you bring your own cups for coffee and may leave them there but you have to clean them and same with everything else in our 2 little kitchen areas here. We do have someone who cleans and empties trash everyday but we NEVER leave a mess like that for him to take care of. Sounds like it is time to make a poster with the kitchen rules on it and hang it up in there if people are going to be acting like that. I am sorry for your horrible day and hope...
How did we jump from 659 to 670?     664
    I actually have 2 cages for them. One that is their main inside cage and another that I have set up outside to where they have direct sun light and indirect sunlight. They are usually out there 3-5 days a week for a few hours at a time because they really love it out there. If its a nice day then they are out all day till it gets dark and I have to cover them up. My vet actaully had me switch their food a couple of weeks ago to Harrison fine pellets and they really...
  Thats ok. The chemicals never bothered me but everyone is different. They have other things out now that you should look into. I still think they have the boots. I just bought a new pair that are purple.  
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