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Rambob59, you should have a pm shortly in your messages.  If you don't see it, please do message me over on .  Many thanks and have a blessed day!
I can do a ship or you can pick up this coming week on silkies.   I am sending you a pm right now on your backyard chickens account!
How nice, Nice birds everyone and I always love seeing beautiful birds!!!! Have a blessed weekend!
We are sold out of silkie eggs for the week, so I will message you a little later today to see if next week would be good or you may email me at Thanks for you interest!
Got it and thanks ! and got you booked for your requested eggs.  Okay folks got an opening for a Nov 4 ship!!!!
SOmetimes the mother will push out a non viable egg or as you said she may be an egg eater.   You can gently try to pat the eggs a little drier.   I don't know how widely a pekin bantm spreads but I'm guessing up to about 10.  So if you really want those cochins you could try putting them under her..  Good luck
Mix up the girls and put in two separate pens for them.    Add lots of treats for them, they would rather have them than go on a pecking spree.  Stop integration if it doesn't work now! so no one gets hurt.  The blood will cause him to be picked on.  GET HIM out before it continues more. Put blue kote on wounds and don't try putting back in until no more bleeding.  Once he's healed up. Put him with one pen, where he can be "the leader of the three" and then add the others...
Forgot to mention you can neosporin the wound on face gently, Also, if you stay with her, (Don't let her drink this water) , you can put epsom salts in some warm water and let her float in it ( a shallow tub (like a dishwashing tub) is ideal for the chest wound, if it looks like it needs it.  The reason you don't want her to drink from it is that it would cause laxative effectives.  Still have you and your duck in my thoughts and prayers and PLEASE no aspirin or other meds...
  *USERNAME: bargain   *AGE OF CHICKEN for categories: pick one please:   12 weeks-1 year Name of chicken: Buffy *Breed/category:    Silkie categories for gender: hen   Another picture of Buffy
I would be sure to keep her in good supply of water and might add a few electrolytes to it.   I would consider making a mash of her food (with water) so she could eat some of it easily.  Be sure that the watering dish is deep enough so her nares can be down in it.  Keep her in a protected area, I am sure you are  and clean the wound area.   Do give her a little swimming pool with clean water to get in ... This would really help with wound care.     If she has ever eaten...
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