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We are pretty dual purpose here.  We culled about 25 roos this summer and have 4 left.  I kept 2 Delaware Roos (because they have grown very fast for a purebreed), a BA roo, and an EE roo.  We have around 20 heavy hens.  We ordered 8 colored broilers and I plan on retaining a couple of them.  Next spring I plan to hatch 25 or so eggs and replenish the hens and freezer.  I have never raised a cornish cross.
Thank you!  They are doing great.
So not normaly?  It would just be ducks with ducks, no chickens or cats. 
Mine do, we have a black and a shagbark.  No one's dead yet.
There are basically freedom rangers (JM poultry) then a host of others labeled as "red broilers", "black broilers", "slow broilers" etc.  sold by many hatcheries.I just got my first ones, so other than saying they are cute, I couldn't tell you how good they are as meat birds yet.
I know the girls are!  Are the boys quite like most male ducks, or loud mouths?
That's very nice!  I am going to print it up and put it in my chicken folder
I don't know if they do, but think about 700 kids in a high school.  They establish a pecking order!
Wow.   I am sorry I took the time to answer newbie questions in a what I thought was a casual, respectable way.  If you don't want personal answers, maybe just use google.
They are probably all going to be fertile if you have a roo.  Hens only need to be fertilized every couple weeks, each egg doesn't need to be fertilized individually.  If you don't want babies, collect your eggs 2x a day and they won't ever develop. If fertilized eggs gross you out, sell the roo.
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