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Yep, that's a pullet :) Congratulations!
I would say roo.  Sorry.
I was not under the impression that anyone was interested in showing.  It is a project color, or so Ideal says, and they are the only ones, to my knowledge, that is even offering them.  According to Ideal, the males are modified hen feathered...
Nope, not always true.  My chicks learned to 'squat' for my son.  He would put them in his hand and make them sit.  Even now, if you touch my rooster's back, he will squat.  My daughter told me that he was a she...she insisted...he is now head roo!
That's cause it's an OEGB.
However, I think we should get back on topic.    A healthy, happy, non- aggressive puppy no matter where it comes from or, what its breeding is what the OP needs for her son..should they decide to try again. 
Pyrometria...   2 litters in one year for a young healthy female dog is not overbreeding.  Continuing to breed her like that year after year...that would be cruel. 
Does your rooster crow?  I have never had an OEGB with a comb like that.  If it crows and doesn't lay eggs, it's a roo.
The reason I knew so quickly what this was...I had a wonderful little pullet to match your roo.  Marek's took her at 13 months old..we loved her so   Meet Speeider...or, Miss Bird as we lovingly dubbed her...we still miss her like crazy...I almost couldn't post this pic  
Ideal sells these...check them out Gold Campine OEGBs.
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