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So I started off getting little ones, before I could sex them I ended up with 3 males and 1 female, let them get to about 1.5-2 years old and moved them to a diff farm (long story) well at the first farm they never really roamed to far from the chicken coop, but there was 20 chickens always around also, but once they got to the new farm I caged them for 10 months, then let them out they would stick around for a few days leave for a few days come back it went on like this...
I have had my hen fly off at night a long ways prob 1/2 mile or more and she was back by the morning never left our yard after that! she is know locked in a breeding pen. till after laying season
I mean letting the females out will that help keep those 2 males around the one that does stay by himself looks so lonely, and if they are getting feed its from bird feeders cause I know some of the neighbors don't like them over there/ and others don't even know there over there, and they have fresh fruits and good food and treats everyday here so they shouldn't have left cause of better food, I mean those two males get picked on hard like get mounted by another male...
well now they come back for a day and leave for 2-3 like a pattern, we were thinking of letting out the other male and the 2 hens since she isn't going broody anyway (currently 8-9 eggs in a nest and nothing) and either caging the 2 males that seem to be wondering or if letting out all the birds would help keep the males around, the males that ran away or went away were getting picked on kinda by the blackshoulder male I was thinking that is maybe why they left and wont...
My one has laid 7 not gone broody yet letting her keep them in the nest how do I stop her laying eggs if she won't go broody would be nice to let her out of her cage soon if she won't go broody
2 came back this afternoon looking scared of us when they use to eat from our hands, but the third is still gone
Well they walked down windy road and its not to far if they cut through the woods but I'm nervous the woods are getting to thick for them to come back the short way, its been 3 days how long should I give it to go search for them and attempt to try and catch them also its 3 males would they have left cause we have the females in a breeding pen? But they can see the hens and get within 1/2 inch of each other
Anyone have peacocks go missing for a couple days be seen bout half mile down the road do they ever come back? We have a male and 2 herbs penned up so they can hear the male will that help?
And it got over 100 a few days and the shed was hotter didn't want them to start incubating by themselves
We were originally going to incubate and just decided not to yesterday
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