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I want them to be able to free range they have 5 acres but persist to stay on the driveway and started eating the hostas
Is there anyway to keep the geese off the drive way and away from the garden? I heard tinsel will scare them to not cross it is that true if not would a fake owl keep them away or some kind if spray on the plants to where they taste gross?
What causes this?
Any cures or fixes or can she live like this?
I got corid 20% it's been 4-5 days and nine have died but there still have diarea and I have to wash them off idk one looks sluggish I'll know more in that one tomm but if it ain't coccidiosis what could it be?
It's been a day and only 1 came back, went out and bout more but idk the dog use to chase te adult chickens I kicked him good a few times he haven't done it since even lays. It them so idk if he would do it to younger chickens but it's my only guess
i have 6 week old chicks that have been free ranging for a week or 2 now and they been doing great wont get farther then 2-3 feet from the coop, well I went away to go get gas to mow in town, get back and 2 are dead had been attacked by either the cat or dog, but all others are missing no since of others dead no other feathers im assuming they got chased or scared back into the woods which is 20-30 yards from the coop, I waited till dark they didn't come back, I walked...
He doesn't even have most his feathers yet
Is it possible to have a drake duck and have the curly feather on his tail at 3-5 weeks old or is this just a bent feather?
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