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i know this isnt about chickens but i dont know where else to post this. i have to get rid of 2 rabbits. my wifes in school and we just dont have the time to take care of them properly with everything else we have going on. is anyone interested? i could supply a cage bottle and feeder for each one.  
i'm using a 2 story rabbit hutch, ducks on top, chicks on the bottom. the ducks sure make a mess though, cant wait to put them in a tractor outside
i cant tell you that mt hatchery doesnt make mistakes but tractor supply definately does. i've seen birds mislabled there all the time. their asst ducks are always nothing but mallards and i've seen the wrong signs up all the time for chicks. personally i dont care what breed the bird is as long as its healthy and lays a good number of eggs, however if you are going to advertise what breed a chick is then you better be right.
, well most of them made it afterall, 7 of 9 hatched out!
thanks all, it was pretty exciting, most of them will be mutts but i have the chance for pure cayugas or black runners. i'm hoping a few have a good amount of white from the pekins to diversify the look of my flock abit. our pekins are the friendliest too so i want some of their genes in the pool
      my first hatch, 7 hatched, 2 were dead and 1 infertile, i guess 70% aint too bad
so my ducks are hatching out about 2 days late. the first one finally busted out but a big chunk of the shell is stuck on his stomach. is this something i need to worry about? also how long is it normal for the others to start following suit
have any of you hatched ducks before and if yes then how long does it normally take to hatch after pipping
when my chicken was injured in a similar way we used neosporin and covered in in cornstarch. it helps to create a scab over the wound
thats awesome, a few of my ducks just started to crack their shells. the suspense is killing me
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