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They just got me too.  So I'm writing that letter today.  
In my experience, it is.   My flock was 8 birds large of which I had 3 roos and the one who was dominate was the only one that crowed.  It is my belief that he was the first.  The others wouldn't crow at all.  In the end I culled all three.
It's scary!!!  These were so low flying.  However I haven't seen them gather since sunday.  Did they move on?  
Even though I would not approve of killing the dog for this one time.  I can say what the neighbor offered was honorable but horrifying.  Keep those chickens at home. 
Zazouse that bottom photo is what we saw.  It was amazingly scary because these birds seem to have little fear of humans.  They were flying low and sitting in trees.  I fear for any little dog that got out of the house.  Oh one was at least 3 and a half feet tall. 
Right.  We knew that this was a strange thing to happen!!!  We live in the burbs bordering a lake/nature preserve.  And yes they were all hawks.  We got out the binoculars.  There were big ones and little ones.  I believe a large flock of ducks have made to the lake on their fly through to or from florida.  This may be the cause of the increase in hawks.  Also we discussed the unusual amount of squirrels this years as a possible cause.  Oh there wasn't another bird...
This weekend I had 16 or more hawks circling over head.  I've never seen anything like this neither had my father.  It was like a horror movie.  How can so many come together at once.  Has anyone experienced this before?
It's definitely a bird of prey.  I think hawk.
Thanks Fred.  That's what I need to know.  My cut off date is today.    
Thanks!  I was about to ask this question as I have been collecting and mixing it in the compost I get from the county.  I started  collecting and storing it in a 4x4 concrete holder I made for about 3-4 months.  Should I be good by late march?  I think so but my father is not sure.  What say you? 
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