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doesn't work for me. I have a hen laying anywhere she feels like (at least it's in the coop).
Hardware cloth over and around your entire run. They squeezed through the 2 inch square wire fencing I had laid on the roof of the run.
I replaced the old roost with a 2x4. Tonight I checked and at least one was on it. Guess they need to get used to it.
They just won't use the roost pole I put up for them. Will they ever, and is it even necessary to have one? My four hens just like to huddle together in the coop.
I don't wash 'em. It ruins their appearence.
It's a Bushnell. Here's one of a deer that was really curious. She kept getting closer and closer to the camera:
Do the eggs get any bigger as they get older? First two eggs are rather small.
Yep, a bear, I'm estimating about 200 lbs, and the fox, probably a red fox. I get his portrait a lot on my trail cam. I hope I never see the bear again!
Look at the edge of the flash area:
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