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No boars, but we do have bears.
That's what I'm thinking. I beat the snot out of one I caught over a dead hen last week (beat him only because I didn't want to leave the only live hen in the run with it). Only 1:45 between both visits!
But I don't recognize what it is.and this, but I know what that is!
I hope so. I have one more card to play, and that's an electric fence. PS. can't shoot because a neighbor's house is only about 25 yards from the coop.
Guess what, a squirrel can squeeze through a 2 inch square. Heard the hens squawking a few minutes ago.
Oh yeah, I lock them in. Put the trail cam by the coop to check if I dissuaded the raccoon from returning.
Not at 10 AM, could be a fox.
Ok, a week ago I lost three hens to a raccoon. I was told to use hardware cloth on my fencing, which I did. Thought I was safe, til the other night when the last two hens started squawking. I went running out in my slippers to find another dead hen, the last remaining live one, and the raccoon, all in the run. I didn't want to go back to the house to get something "substantial", so I grabbed the only thing laying there, a piece of birch tree limb. The coon climbed the...
I don't think a hawk or owl could pull back the screening. Plus two of the dead ones were crammed up against the fence, like something was trying to pull them through it. I'm thinking raccoon?
Four AM I heard the squwak of distressed chickens, I ran out ot the pen and three of my five were dead, heads bitten off of two of them. I thought this was secure enough, but evidently it wasn't.I replaced the roof and locked the other two birds in the coop. At 6:30 I went back outside and the roof was again pushed open. The two hens were safe but really spooked. So I rebuilt it like this, and wired shut all the roof sections. Now, I'll have to buy some more hens next week.
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