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I just cleaned the coop out last night, and this morning, poop! Everywhere! It's only 4 hens, but man, can they go!
Why don't my chickens want to roost? I have a elevated piece of 2x2, before that a hefty piece of tree limb. They just rather hunker together in a corner of the coop.
Yep, I learned that the hard way.
I 've lost two flocks to coons, but have finally got it right (I hope!). Start the run with a frame construction (I used 2x4 pressure treated lumber. My old fencing was 2x2 inch wire. Over that I placed hardware cloth. Raccoons can't reach in through hardware cloth (it is a must!).  Next I built a roof over the entire run and covered it with wire fencing. I hope your coop is secure and they are not getting in that way. Put a door on the coop and lock it at night. Raccoons...
Someone on another board suggested a weasel. Trying to find out if they are in my area (northeast PA).Hmmm...looks nothing like a weasel, still believe it's a raccoon.
No boars, but we do have bears.
That's what I'm thinking. I beat the snot out of one I caught over a dead hen last week (beat him only because I didn't want to leave the only live hen in the run with it). Only 1:45 between both visits!
But I don't recognize what it is.and this, but I know what that is!
I hope so. I have one more card to play, and that's an electric fence. PS. can't shoot because a neighbor's house is only about 25 yards from the coop.
Guess what, a squirrel can squeeze through a 2 inch square. Heard the hens squawking a few minutes ago.
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