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Maybe a good time to infuse your flock with some bloodlines that are more productive egg layers -  I have a line of gorgeous Isabel leghorns.  I was surprised (since they are leghorns - hatched in March) -- they're just getting started, but they aren't as good at laying/production as my legbars that were hatched this spring.  That said everyone's eggs are still on the small side - but usually my legbars level off around 2oz -- (size large according to USDA)  Shown in the...
Length of daylight can have an effect on laying, as I'm sure you know.  24 weeks is pretty much the norm.  When days are ultra short pullets may push the start of laying a few weeks farther.  
They look a lot like Columbian Wyandotte chickens....JMO
 It's always pins-and-needles until they all seem to hatch - I know just what you are feeling.  Good luck with your chicks. 
Good luck with your hatch, what kind of chicks?
   I use the males to eat when they are about even 10-12 weeks old - 14wks maybe.  I don't do a full scale - pluck, gut, etc. style processing, I harvest the legs-thighs and breasts, since that is where most of the meat is, and I discard the skin, and everything else.  It isn't so time-consuming that I expect a family-sized meal or a Thanksgiving dinner.   I think that there is quite a LOT of meat on these guys even that young.  It can be done fairly quickly It is a tough...
Be sure to let us know if it kind of lessens.  I know sometimes mine are walking around crabby and squwaking - and after their daily egg -- they go back to normal chicken behavior.  Do they have red red combs and faces?  20 weeks should be just about there, but I haven't had RIRs ever.       Oh, if they go into the nest box and 'play house' that is another sign that they are getting ready within a few days or a week..... if you go to pick one up and they flatten and...
If it is that crabby squwak, it does sound like they are mad.  I think they are feeling uncomfortable while their hormones are getting them ready for their first egg.  There isn't anything you can do - except fluff up the shavings in the nest box and just wait.  Good luck with it.  That noise may go away once they are regularly laying.  
It is a good thing that those special parking spaces get used IMO -- I hate to see them always going to waste.  Hope all goes well.
good luck with hens!!  
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