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so sad.  Sorry to hear it.
They are so pretty and they look so content!!
So sorry for you loss.  Some consolation, at least that #7 will help with teaching others. Your run is so beautiful!  I think I would have gone bare dirt or sand.   What I love most about your run is the things that the chickens can play on and roost on.  Brilliant!!!!!  I may just tyr to copy some of your perch ideas!  Thanks.
Thank you for the info!  I really appreciate it. 
Hi Imggabe,  welcome to the BYC forum.  So sorry to hear that your sex-link is sick.  -- Marek's is a virus - so antibiotics wouldn't be helpful.  Sadly most chickens that get Mareks show symptoms as they begin to mature and approach laying their first eggs.   Did the vet give you any helpful advice on how to deal with the situation? -- The virus is airborn and most likely your remaining 3 have been 'exposed' -- You can try a tight biosecure quarantine to isolate the sick...
Hi twentynine- so very sorry for your distress.  As far as value -- they say that everything is on eBay - so you may want to go there and do a search to see if you can find something that is the same and use that price for your adjuster. God bless -- and hope that your life will return to normal soon.
It may take a long time -- and it may not really absorb fully - but just dry up and fall off.  As long as other chicks don't peck it to cause a wound, I think your chick will be just fine~good luck with it.  Love your avatar!
for those of you using feather fixer -- do you know if they discontinued 'mite-fighter'?
I know this is an old thread, and it may be that feather fixer is a different formula than the origianl -- because it used to say it got rid of mites.   Seems that the current advertising doesn't mention mites or having a miticide.....  Just bought a small sized bag at TSC to assist one of my chickens with his molt -- and wondered about the mite medication in it.  Anyone have any recent news? ETA Perhaps found my own answer here on BYC -- maybe there is a formula of...
Thanks for posting - that is a really good idea.  
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