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you might like this article by Sigrid van Dort -- she is a genetics genius up there with Henk69 and Grant Brereton....  The Sulmtaler should be Red Wheaten as I understand it -- hence a different e-Locus from the Duckwing.
Mr rooboo -- chicken math in action!! Isbars are gorgeous -- especially if you can get the 'originals'' with the super-dark eyes........    From Samantha Kellerman at Highview Farms.... Now back to Legbars, I would love it if my CLs had combs like Mr. Isbar up there.....Here is (Legbar male X Isbar female) hybrid - only one cresting gene, but nice(er) combs.   
Thanks for the article link..... 
  we all know how annoying it can be to have to share air.....LOL  
Males get eaten and females go to people who won't be breeding but want them in their flocks for the most part.  But I am also a very very very small operation.  Hopefully others will chime in with their management practices. 
My choices are vibrant salmon breasts on the females - and tight and neat crests that look like they were just trimmed.  I'm looking for small female combs.  comb (ETA said crest meant comb) flops on females are fine - I have one that I wonder if her comb obstructs some of her vision.     Looks like you have nice long backs going on there.     colorwise -- the brown probably needs to be toned down in future..       You have some pretty good 'barns' there to work on...
Hi Cadbury Eggs,   IMO, Yes, I think that you have a very nice basis.  ETA also I think that you chose the right pullets to keep -- cute chick pictures too - awwwww. Thanks!
Know what?  Talk about some places - they hatch with the intention to have the chicken at a certain age for a show-- because they tend to look best at that age.  For females - 6-months old on show day and for males -- to be in the cockerel class probably 11-months and the cock class probably 13 months - because he won't have progressed into decrepitude yet.  ;O).
A friend of mine has 3 Cream Legbars - Pullets or maybe just turned hens - all from the same hatch, and they are tag-teaming broody it is shift work and they all have a certain time to be on the eggs.  What will they think of next? 
Thanks... I really lucked out with him -- KPenley used him as an example of a 'fly away comb' - in a walk thru that she did - so hopefully that good side shot will be made available shortly.  Because of that his crest interferes less, and he has room or crest and comb...and his sons - don't replicate fly away-- and have a better chance of straight comb....but I still get some swirls at the ends....on some --- and straight comb with crest was my first goal.... Sometimes it...
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