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This is very cool.  Punnett shows three colors of chicks on that plate that is from a genetics journal (it is in the Breed Guide on the website --as well as various places in BYC)  !! 
THANKS! -- I agree that they are easy.  
Any chance you got an Alpenzeller Spitzhauben?  Lucky you if you did. 
Thought this may be of interest:   The test results demonstrated that Sunwin's Hypericin-based veterinary disinfectant eliminates 100% of bird flu virus (H5N1) in the infected chicken embryos within 10 minutes when the Hypericin-based disinfectant was diluted at ratios of 1:5, 1:10, 1:25 and 1:50. No significant toxicities to...
Yeah, I can see why he is your favorite---gorgeous barring - nice tail angle and nice long back -- he is a beauty!
Love how 'slate'-blue the legs look in the second photo--- is your Brabanter considered a cream one?
Three new chicks---and their biggest fan.    
Interesting how fast your chickens learn.  There are some videos of trained chickens with 'clicker' training --and it is amazing that they can differentiate between shapes-colors- etc.  Walk a little obstacle course....they are bright - beyond just instinct that 's for sure. There are some theories of animal aggression that aggression against aggression only increases aggressive behavior -- so unless someone truly breaks the animal's spirit (and who would want to do that...
eat them
Good news!  Looking forward to photos -- and glad to hear it is working out well.  (Love your name Creampuff---)
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