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same one as in your avatar?
BTW  -- welcome to BYC!! 
X2 The USA standard is the same as UK yellow.  There should not be any blue.....  If a hen has been laying for a long time she will draw color out of her legs and beak...the yellow can lighten to a cream or white-ish color -- but white isn't in the standard for the legs. 
THANKS for the info!!
Maybe it will inspire them to get chickens too....... ;o)
Good update, thank you for posting.  It will be so interesting to see them grow up.  Remember to post lots of photos and keep us informed.  
Nice pictures Tim!   was just thinking about you today, and wondering about your progress.  Looks like the choices that you made were good ones, doesn't it.   Particularly I like the darker breast & lighter hackles combination on the first guy and he looks like his comb is really straight!. 
You are welcome -- a good idea who's time has come.   It does work well...... just takes a little planning.  Next time I do it -- I'm wondering if I will use some cupcake paper liners -- because it is a bit tricky to get out the frozen eggs from the muffin tins.  Then there would be the nuisance of peeling those off. LOL/  Seems lke after a year in the fridge -- a little extra moisture helped. I bet you will have happy friends, happy pullets, and plenty of eggs too --...
Last year I did freeze about 3-4 dozen eggs -- and decided since they were a year old it was time to use them up.  They worked just fine.  I didn't follow this method, I used muffin tins not icecube trays.  Then transferred to plastic baggies when they were set.  Didn't know the 'add salt trick'.  Will do that next time.    If you are overflowing with eggs-- they will keep a year in the freezer.... Here is one 'how...
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