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LOL-- Yep enola - I have a feeling this guy is going to look good anywhere he goes!  
Like an actor on his much did you pay him to stand exactly on the dark spot?  I really like your cockerel a lot.  It looks like he has the desired 6-points on his comb...and wattles are moderate.  Nice yellow in legs and beak - and good angle for his tail...  Nice, nice rounded line on the breast.  How much does he weigh?  Corrigan passed 4 pounds last weigh-in -  I think that your little guy is even better than Corri - if they were to go head-to-head,...
I think that the myPetChicken has a video... Also for the person who's rooster seemed to be suffereing -- I guess there is a certain degree of looseness (Pinkie finger under the collar)-- It could feel very uncomfortable for your little cockerel otherwise. 
  Hi Metella,  blue is important to me as well.... Here is the Online Auction Color Chart... it has 'swatches' and an egg can be held next to a color in a remote location - and someone with a chart in a different location - can look at their OWN chart...and see first hand what the other person is seeing.   The three background eggs are from my Isbars...and the foreground egg is from a Cream Legbar.  -- LOL -- when I posted this photo someplace in one of the Cream Legbar...
Did you look at the link in the first post of this thread?  MyPetChicken does give some explanation of the concept and their product.  The rooster pictured in the collar looks pretty calm.  good luck with your rooster. 
Nice eggs....second one from top on far left column looks like a real 'pullet bullet' -- probably her first egg - you have some nice sizes there and beautiful colors IMO.  Congrats. 
Know what?  in that photo he doesn't look rumpless. 
FaykokoWV -nice little guys.  One thing that is so interesting, is that they have nice tail angles, look good for type- - nice clear yellow on the legs - because of course they have no melanizers to put darkness anywhere.  Sure would like to know what gives them the white.  Thanks for posting.
You should definitely show.  :O)
Your chickens are so lucky to live with your wife's art work.  ;O) Stanley has the shortest tail of any Cream Legbar I have ever seen.  Stanley also has the most intense coloration.  Does it make you wonder if he has that hidden rumpless-genetics that Araucanas have --somehow brought to the surface?  If I am looking at him correctly, his wing triangle almost looks black.   Is there any chance that another breed of chicken was mixed in with his genetics?  If you got...
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