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Thanks KyTinpusher
So sorry that you lost your chickens - and this one is ill.  Hope she will make it through with your TLC.    If you need necropsy information - since I see you are in TX - here is a link:   Personally I have used Gonzales facility and since moving farther north and east the one in Center TX. -- I can recommend them both.    Also, welcome to BYC eventhough sad circumstances.  Please let us know the outcome for your chicken.
Digitally manipulated photography and acrylics and lately some 3-D things.  Would like to start some new canvases that are BIG and inspired by Henri Rousseau meets Art Nouveau.  
Maybe one of those other apps is available to you -- hmmmmm -- google color detection apps for apple.  (;o) --- google for apple apps -- maybe it would work.   This image is from this article: Maybe it helps us all a bit with the expectation side of the equation?: blue, green, brown in egg language. 
Here's one for y'all to ponder.......   If your CL pullet/hen has extremely pronounced visible barring -- does her egg look more green? -- does the BPR side of her nature increase prominence of the visible barring and the contribution of the 'brown' pigment coating the egg shell??   ALSO -- the brown inkjet wears out -- and I think that the eggs get bluer as the clutch continues and as the pullet gets older.  JMO.....
  Fabulous -- Happy Thanksgiving -- perfect picture.  I'm going out to get those apps and add to my silly little phone...because I don't have enough apps...ROFL   Yep that Turkey looks 3-D - thanks for posting!
You should read the articles.... ;O)  Sylvester017 - probably the difference after the carotenoids is faint enough that a $6,000.00 machine is required to detect wonder you didn't see it.  
Yep, since I didn't have the nifty machine that the scientistis that tracked the effect of carotenoids on blue eggshell color -- I decided to get a phone ap - - - or is it app..... sheesh that 's this thread huh?  Post 8533 (corrected).... 
YAY!  nice eggs.   princess Charlotte-Elizabeth-Diana's egg today was 1.894 oz..... she is improving - and only started on Oct 27th.  The color on my phone ap was called "Boston Blue' -- and the phone app read it as red 30%, green 60%, blue 70% -- so in that reading her blue-light wave-lengths were really shimmering.  -- It is hex #4d99b5 -- but when I go to color hex and bring it up -- her true egg is a tint of that one -- second from the right lightest which that app...
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