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It would be a good idea to take one of the dead chickens for Necropsy -- Texas A&M will do this and there is a fee.   Merek's disease does strike juvenile or teenage chickens -- especially pullets right around POL (Point of Lay) which at 5-months could describe your flock.  It is contagous - and usually deadly.  This link is a page built to have a lot of links to Marek's information and I think info about how to get a necropsy too.  Chickens related to Rhode Island Reds...
Yay for you !  -- living the simple life.  
Thank you for the gorgeous photos!  wow -- good job!
  The above are good ideas!   I especially like the idea of pulling one from the flock and letting it bond with the new chicken -- and if you can switch out the coop -- then no one is on someone else's turf -- because it is new to all of them!  Putting the new comer in at night -- when they are in their sleep/zombie mode and they wake up together has advantages - as does being able to monitor them in the morning.  a couple more things to consider -  If you have a 'show...
beautiful earlobes!
Congratulations on your success!!  It could be that opening it up would cause the thermostat to pump out extra heat to compensate  - but all's well that ends well.   4 out of 4 is a great success rate. 
Maybe a good time to infuse your flock with some bloodlines that are more productive egg layers -  I have a line of gorgeous Isabel leghorns.  I was surprised (since they are leghorns - hatched in March) -- they're just getting started, but they aren't as good at laying/production as my legbars that were hatched this spring.  That said everyone's eggs are still on the small side - but usually my legbars level off around 2oz -- (size large according to USDA)  Shown in the...
Length of daylight can have an effect on laying, as I'm sure you know.  24 weeks is pretty much the norm.  When days are ultra short pullets may push the start of laying a few weeks farther.  
They look a lot like Columbian Wyandotte chickens....JMO
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