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  hope it gets there safe & sound....  Ladies & Gents...all the OACs are spoken for....:O)
No hits, or nekkid pictures -- (surprised it was only a month)-- and otherwise -- callers, callers, callers for roosters and roos.  LOL
Top o' the morning (Or is it afternoon?)  I did some work in Ireland for Intel....such a BEAUTIFUL Country--   but I digress....   I usually expect my CL pullets to lay their first egg at about 24 weeks -- so hopefully you will be getting some little blue eggs in about 8-9 weeks.... Hopefully you will have 14-hours of light for them to enjoy.  Early eggs are small -- but they will get larger with time.  You will be so happy!  You need to let us know when the eggs occur!!
It could be that your flock is not 'carriers of Marek's' - some chickens are resistant to the disease.  Especially if you have chickens with some Leghorn blood.  Chickens with Rhode Island Red are more susceptible.     Here is a fact site that gives you a LOT of information about Marek's   We often think that the Marek's vaccine will 'cure' or 'prevent' Marek's -- what the vaccine does is prevent the...
In unpacking I have found 2 OAC charts that I had orderd several of....  If you are a full member of the CL club and you haven't yet gotten one - send me the address where you would like them sent... and .. if you are the first two -- you get an OAC.    Also - for everyone entering weights on the tracking....Corrigan was 4.75 pounds this morning at 18-weeks.... He is still big feet, long legs, and unfortunately squirrel tail - but hey no one is perfect right.  LOL   I...
What?? You dared to call a rooster a rooster??? How DARE you??
Those sneaky wenches --and not only that, but plotting together.  Had one CL that I thought was off laying until I found she made her own nest and hid 10-eggs.
great idea about a flock of blue layers.  You will see the pullet face get very red, and the comb grow larger and also very red... sometime around 24-weeks old seems to be when they begin to lay.  Pullet's eggs are small - but they will increase in size a little with every successive egg - until your pullet reaches her full egg size.  :O)
 -- there isn't a 'golden' - to my knowledge, there is a Ceram Legbar with a crest that lays blue eggs - and a lot of 'controversy' about what the perfect color for the show ring is -- based on interpretation of the SOP - and what the color cream looks like.  A judge in the UK referenced it as 'pale butter' And some folks that will see a Cream Legbar that isn't as light as their own preference and call it 'incorrect'; 'only one cream gene' ( which since it is recessive...
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