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Hope so too!
For the OP -- have seen raised beds with some wire across the top -- the chickens can access the greens when they grow above the wire and not scratch up the roots. Lots of similar you tubes there.
Haven't read this thread except the last two posts. .   My feed store will sell oats by the pound for something like 50-cents per pound - so you don't have to buy a 50# sack.  They are used for deer feeders and horses.    seems like oats will germinate in pretty cool weather and when I see rain approaching I like to get a few pounds and throw them in the coops -- the chickens will eat the oats, the oats as they sprout and if any grow into grasses -- they will eat...
Good luck for a good hatch.
With these very rare and endangered breeds, it is fantastic that people are working to broaden the genepool of their own flocks.  This is something Isbar people are doing as well, and I think that we are already seeing improvements in health and hatchability -- 
In Burnett TX April Howington of H&H Poultry used to have may want to try to contact them.   Good luck
That is a nice example of Isbar egg color.  It is very saturated at the beginning of a clutch on mine and then later on in the season the colors lighten.  Congrats on getting Isbars -- they are a super breed -- and there should be a lot more of them running around the USA IMO
Your avatar is so cute!!!   Good luck with your guy.  
beautiful roo and cute chick!  good luck with your hatch.
What a pretty hen, and what a nice photo.  If you could get that same pose, with those flowers in the background and the hills/mountains - just in focus (see how her moving leg is blurred -- 'motion blur') -- You should send it in to the BYC Calendar 'contest next fall.   -- would love to look at a beautiful black Isbar photo of Isabel for a month in 2017!!   --- One of the charming things about the photo is the quality of light -- and that same soft light makes it more...
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