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Just some pictures of my new birds. Black Langshan Cockerel RC RIR Cockerel. Not the best picture 9 RC RIR chicks
It was about 90 miles one way. It is worth it for good birds.I'll post pictures later.
I went to McConnell, IL just north of Freport. The breeder is Floyd Stees. I found him on
I made it back from my adventure yesterday with a Rose Comb Rhode Island Red cockerel and a Black Langshan cockerel. I decided to take 9 RIR chicks as well. I was talking to the breeder and said my next adventure was finding eggs to hatch at my school and he went into his breeding pens and gave me 13 eggs. He sent RIR, Buff Orpington, Barred Rock, and bantam Buff Orp eggs. He has been breeding and showing his poultry for 25 years now. I would highly recommend him to...
Sorry about the start Jiminwisc. At least we know the ole ticker is working. Hahaha I'm heading to pick up my Underwood RIR cockerel and Langshan cockerel today. I may get some chicks while I'm there. I need to make the long drive worth it, don't I?
Hi all, I'm Jim. I returned home to Wind Lake after being in Iowa for eighteen years. I've been a member of BYC for a while but took a break from it for a time. In Iowa, I had a lot of breeds that I shipped hatching eggs all over from. I've seen some names that I recognized shipping to. I plan to get back into breeding and showing but on a much smaller scale (until I find someplace to house my flock. Lol). Currently my flock is at my uncle's farm. Right now I have...
I was selling and showing Underwood Rhode Island Reds. Due to life issues, I needed to cut way back on my poultry and I have since moved for a new job. I still have two of my Underwood hens but lost my cock a year ago. I am searching for a cockerel and maybe a few pulleys/hens. I love my Underwoods. I did show mine and was very successful with them.
No. I moved by my parents and could only bring about 15 chickens with me. I did bring my two hens but have lost them. The winter before I moved was a rough winter on the boys. I lost most of the males of all my flocks that winter. I am hoping to slowly increase my flock and Icelandics were one of the breeds that I hope to start over with. I just got 2 Iowa Blue cockerels to start with them. I'm looking for a RIR cockerel or eggs from the line I had and also a...
Hi Mary
Hi. Just seeing if any of my old friends are still around.
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