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My opinion is at least 8 months. I have a black cockerel that is 15 months that is finally starting to look nice. He looked nice at a younger age but always appeared small. He isn't like Bo's boys but a step in the right direction. I need to get pictures of him. Maybe this weekend when I put my pen together and before I trim them (if I can stand working in the frigid conditions)
This is the sire of the Rose Comb Reds that Jimmy has been showing pictures.  I need to get pictures of the rest.   This picture is not the best quality.  It was taken with my cell phone.  My camera is MIA.
I had one SP and 2 B eggs.  One of the B eggs is developing. My thought is that we focus on the Silver Pencil and Birchen varieties but not to throw the baby out with the bath water.  For the APA we need to focus on the two but there shouldn't be a problem with anybody working on the side projects.  There are unrecognized color varieties in other breeds (ie BLRW, Lavender Orpington/Ameraucanas, ...)The colors that need to be focused on though should be the colors we are...
This cockerel is the most silver color that I have hatched and kept.  I was disappointed when I saw the flecks of brown, though.  His dad did not have this.  The other cockerel that throws only Birchens is much larger than this guy.  His problem is he has the gold cast to his silver.  I'll see what this year's crop produces.
This is the current cockerel in my pen. I want to see if I get any SP from him. The other one only produced Birchen. I did notice some brown in the lacing on his wings but you need to look really close to see it. By the way Kari, 10 of the 12 eggs I got from you at the show are developing.
I would like to congratulate Kari and Connie on a great shøwing at the North Iowa Fair. In the open show, there were no other large fowl breeds with as many entries. Great job. It was nice meeting Emily and her mom and seeing Eric, Curt, Kari, and Connie again.
I'm sure we will Deb. Anybody else that needs my cell number feel free to pm for it. I need to charge my phone for a bit then I'll have it with me.
11ish depending on judging. I'll pm you with my cell number
Silkie, Did you get your eggs? How are everybody's eggs doing?
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