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Hello yall sorry havent been popping in very often been crazy with a lil sick one. Was wandering if anyone around lc had any baby ducks looking for something i can raise then maybe eat later on thank yall and ill try to keep in touch a lil better :)
ugh he is gorgous !!! so jealous
o and I'm trien to sale my three easter egger hens they will be a year in october and lay green and blue eggs they came from mpc was thinking 30 for all three ?
i kinda figured it wasnt because of not havingĀ  roo but figured if anything id have some hatching eggs lol
Yep I'm hoping it was the heat that made them stop , their all of egg laying age and I think they all decided to molt also, but my neighbor thinks it may be because I got rid of my roo and that's when they seemed to stop laying, so hopefully soon I will start getting eggs again . And I really like your basques, and I've been itching to get my incubator running again just don't have any eggs to hatch
Oo she is pretty and I know I don't need any more hens, none of my 12 are laying how sad is that
that sounds awesome and I cant wait to see them :)
ill ask the hubby when he gets home, im wanting a new roo, do they get pretty big?
sounds good to meĀ  :)
could you post a pic of the 5 month old?
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