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    The Brahma was straight run because it's a Banty as is the Cochin and of course the Silkie. So I'm sure if that affects the feathering out or not.    
Can you really tell in week one or two by the feathers? How accurate is that? Four of my six have feathers on their wings. The silkie is hard to tell because it's feathers are coming in so drastically different. My braham just has a little on the tips of the wings. So by that I have four ladies one boy and a ???    
So we got some chicks this last week! Went to Cal-Ranch in AF and to IFA in Lindon. First a few thoughts about the stores:    Cal-Ranch - We went here because IFA Lindon didn't have some of the standard breeds we wanted. I have to say the Cal-Ranch was run fairly poor. I didn't see any chicks that looked really bad but none of them looked fantastic. The water dishes were dirty and the chicks were all thrown in hodge podge into different brooders. Still we did get...
Hope the duck is doing well! I don't know if we told you or not but his name is Bond. Like James Bond because he looks like he is wearing a tux. Hope the eggs turn out as well! Let me know what happens with them!
That's what I heard! My wife loves the color of them as well so that's a bonus.   
  If you want him Hector come on over and get him. I'm in Orem as well. I'm out of town on business till Thursday but if you wanted to stop by Friday or Sat that'd be ok.
  Not really. We'll probably go down to IFA and do a special order, see what they have. I think I want a Barred Rock and a Cochin but those are the only ones we've decided on at this point. Open to suggestions!    Also does anyone want a drake? We have this drake that we actually got as a duckling from Hector last June. He's a super awesome Black Swedish but he's in the same run as our chickens and love is in the air! I though having to female ducks would satiate his...
We got our new coop today off of KSL so now I need to paint it and take the old one out and put the new one in the run. It's double the size of the old one so this means CHICKS SOON!
Last year when I was looking for ducks my IFA said they'd just order them in for me when they did a chick order if I wanted. They didn't carry them regularly as the demand for ducks is pretty low. I ended up just getting them off of KSL as it was late in the year and they were only doing one more order of chicks, but yeah I believe most IFA's will order in whatever you want. 
  I'm in the UC as well. I'd be interested in something. I have right now a 2 gallon bucket with nipples but am getting more chicks soon so I need something bigger. I don't know if it's possible but I've seen some awesome setups with fairly large reservoirs (like 20 gallons) and nipples attached to PVC pipes. That would be something I'd be willing to purchase as I'd only need to fill it like once a week. I could do it myself but for the right price I'd buy it to save time.
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