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dogs, like kids, really don't exercise themselves. they will play a while, then stop to rest. Also, she likely isn't getting enough mental exercise. Mushing isn't going to work her brain. I would start doing some obedience work with her. Even if you have to do 10-15 mins in the morning before school and then a longer 15-20 mins in the evening. Then, once a week, spend an hour working with her on different things. Of course, you're also going to have to...
don't let her outside unattended.   quickest and easiest way to fix the problem   if she is an outside only dog, then building a secure run is going to be the only other option.    cement floor and a solid roof
UKC is awesome because many shows have pre-entry discounts.   When we went to Gateway at Purina Farms last year, it only cost me $99 for 3 days of events. 
lol believe me, I don't spend 1/10 as much on shows as most people I know. I might do 3-4 weekends a year. I know plenty of people who spend almost every weekend at shows. I have a facebook friend who is specialing a dog right now. She has a handler and looks to spend about $8000 this year - she's hoping he finishes quickly lol
hmm quick math just of entry fees. We don't do a lot of shows and, with our Rally titles, we've been lucky and qualified every run except 1. up to RE - $230 BN titls and CD attempts - $115 conformation - $92 UKC another approx $200 of course that doesn't include club memberships, gas, hotel fees, training, seminars, and all of the other incidentals like books and DVDs
you can compete in the ring or you can choose to go in as a Jr handler where the handler is judged and learns skills vs the dog being judged.
lol   I don't add up my dog show expenses.      I just don't want to know.    
well it won't let me vote. I show GSDs. Well, dabble in conformation but Singe hates it. We do mostly performance events
I've found that most dogs don't like an overly submissive dog.    It's like they are wearing a huge sign that says "beat me"     Signs of weakness aren't tolerated in the animal world and overly submissive animals seem to attract attention.      The hormones flying and all the minor irritations can really set a girl off as well.       Hopefully once the hormones pass, you can get a handle on it
yes getting her more confident one on one is most important. even if you end up having to keep her separated from the other females, you can get her integrated again. I've seen hormonal females do some crazy things - both dogs and humans lol And it can really escalate same sex aggression, especially towards a dog she already disliked.
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