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We got our first Muscovys this year. We like them so much, we're seriously considering selling our swede pair. Merle and Maggie we bought (rescued) from a place that was simply a giant field with hundreds of ducks. We named this girl FriedaK (pronounced "freeduck") as we got her for free at a local poultry swap. Maggie hatched out 7 babies. Unfortunately, she was a cruddy mom who let her children run all over, and our local raven (I'm 99 percent sure) stole 5 while...
Welsummer roo over EE hens got me at least 3 olive eggers. One lays rather dark. One other lays slightly lighter, and the third is lighter with speckles. The darkest is below. Gonna try for a few more this season, though it will be with a new roo. We butchered Dunderhead (nasty rooster), and Big Sexy (his son, a welsummer/maran) will hopefully do well for us. Fingers crossed! (Sorry about the cruddy camera phone pic!)
Such a sweet little fluffball! Congrats!
Thanks for the confirmation, Marty!  I went ahead and added Affie's new egg to the rest of the batch I set.  I had stored the other eggs small side down in a cool (55-60 I'd guess) room prior to incubating.  I brought the incubator up to temp over 3-4 hours.  I did it gradually, not wanting it to spike.  This bator is tempermental, it seems.  :)  It is stabilized (fingers crossed) and I'm off to bed.   Best of luck for everyone's pending babies!    
Alrighty.  Thanks, though!     Good to hear, goosed!  I'll add it to the incubator now.  :)    
Thanks, Iain!  Btw, you don't happen to have an opinion on my fresh-laid egg question, do you?  As in, should a fresh laid egg rest a day before setting in the bator?    
Here's a picture of "Jiminy".  I tried to get one of it standing, but it's so stinkin fast, I couldn't get a clear shot.  Baby won't stay still!  
Awesome!  Oh my goodness, this gets me excited about my second set!    
Oh, and my fiancee named #3 "Jiminy Rickets" because of its messed up legs.  He's a crack up, eh?
Hey all!  Hoping someone(s) can answer a question for me tonight.  I just put 9 eggs in the bator (only expecting about half to be fertile, like last time, as my geese are only a year old and I don't think Bitor is covering Sweet Girl at all).  So, my Affie girl JUST laid an egg.  The first one I've known for sure is hers.  I would like very much to set this one as well, as she's my favorite, and I'd like to see a gosling from her and Bitor.  The question... do I have to...
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