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So I was planning on this weekend being my cull weekend for our meat turkeys. They have the pox as well. Is the meat safe to eat? Should I wait for the pox to heal? Can they ever be eaten?
Ok good. I just want to be sure it isn't anything serious.
i have 4 sweet grass that have grown up very healthy this year. I noticed 2 days ago that they were starting to get yellow lumps on their caruncles. Today the lumps aren't as yellow but are getting black scabs on them. [IMG][IMG][IMG] Does anyone know what these are? I have several other turkeys but the bumps are only on these 4. They all hatched together and spend their days together. Did they maybe get stung by something?
I still have eggs for sale
Ok no problem. Let me know when you are ready.
Desert Farmer are you still interested?
Great! Send payment to through PayPal. As soon as I receive payment, they will ship. Amy
I am selling self blue turkey hatching eggs. I am selling them in sets of 6 eggs. Eggs are proven fertile. Our breeding pair just won grand champion at the fair this year. Priority mail shipping included in the price. If you want express shipping the price is $20.
She had the same symptoms but instead of it taking 3 days to die, she did it in one. I opened her as well to double check and found the same scrambled egg masses in her egg track.
Lost another hen today from the same batch. She went down fast. Just started showing signs this morning when I went out to fee and was dead by this evening. This is so sad! I have 3 left from this group of hens. I hope they stay alive.
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