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I have a jenny hatching out some eggs due on the 9th. I can't wait for pics to share too!!!!!
Thank you sooo much! I feel much better after reading that
That's a really good question. I know chicken can incubate a turkey or duck egg. It would be worth a shot.
I have a jenny that is sitting on some eggs. She has been for about 10 days. Yesterday and today I decided to time how long she was off the nest to get food and a drink. She was off 25 minutes yesterday and 30 minutes today. My worry is that the high today was 2*. She is nesting in a dog house with bales of hay on all sides and on top to insulate her. I am worried that the eggs are getting too cold. I don't want them to die and contimplated putting them in the incubator...
He is very handsome!
I will have Self Blues. I sell my eggs in set of 6 for $30.
Arielle will have Sweetgrass. You should private message her to get on her list. I have Self Blues/Lavenders but my jenny is brooding a clutch right now. I will have more later in the spring.
Sounds good. There are only 3 eggs so she shouldn't have trouble keeping them warm. I just worry about if she tries to take them out of the dog house to walk the yard. It will be almost Valentines day and the coldest month of the year. I will keep an eye out on hatch day. Also should I move them at night to the new coop once hatched?
I have a jenny who is broody and sitting on eggs. She is in a small dog house that I have surrounded with hay bales to keep her insulated. We live in north central Indiana. I am not concerned about her but the poults when they hatch. I know they can not get a draft or chilled when young. I would like to let her raise them so my other option is to insulate a small coop we are not using and move her there so when they do hatch they are protected from the wind. Would this be...
I have a question. I now have a very broody turkey so I decided to let her sit on eggs. She only has 3 to incubate because I sold the others lol. Now I want to put some chicken eggs under her so we have a better hatch for her time. Should I put them under her now or wait a week so they hatch at the same time? Also can I put duck eggs under her?
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