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I still have eggs for sale
Ok no problem. Let me know when you are ready.
Desert Farmer are you still interested?
Great! Send payment to through PayPal. As soon as I receive payment, they will ship. Amy
I am selling self blue turkey hatching eggs. I am selling them in sets of 6 eggs. Eggs are proven fertile. Our breeding pair just won grand champion at the fair this year. Priority mail shipping included in the price. If you want express shipping the price is $20.
She had the same symptoms but instead of it taking 3 days to die, she did it in one. I opened her as well to double check and found the same scrambled egg masses in her egg track.
Lost another hen today from the same batch. She went down fast. Just started showing signs this morning when I went out to fee and was dead by this evening. This is so sad! I have 3 left from this group of hens. I hope they stay alive.
Sorry I have the images backward but you get the idea.
WARNING GRAPHIC PHOTOS!!!!!!!!!! Well I ender up putting her out of her misery. She got to the point of not walking. I opens her up to see for sure what was going on. She is the second hen in a month whith this problem. Once I opened her up the first thing I saw was this. In the first photo it looks like a piece of hot dog. When you cut it open, you see tissue that looks a little like waxed paper with cheese. We had found a couple of these in the laying boxes in...
Thank you. Her crop feels fine. Her stool is watery with yellow and white coloring. I thought it was probably an egg broke inside but wanted confirmation. Her abdomen feels full like a water balloon. I have not given her a vent exam but am on my way home now so I will check her soon.
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