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I have a hen that hatched her first clutch in Feb. Since this is pretty early in the season, I figure she will start laying again before next winter. Does anyone know how long she will raise her poults before she decides to lay again?
My hen would be off her nest for about a half an hour a day. Anything longer than an hour and the eggs will cool too much.
My new self blue babies!!! They hatched on the 12th of Feb. They are really growing!
New babies!!!! They hatched Monday. It is quite amazing really. She went broody on 1 egg. I had 2 others that were too old to ship so I put them under her as well. She was diligent! She sat on them in a dog house in the coldest weather on record for Indiana. Most days have been single digits to several degrees below zero. She got off the nest each day for about 30 minutes. All 3 hatched!!! They are now in our basement but are all cozy and healthy. I also have her mothering...
3 out of 3 hatched!!!!!!!! We had to move them to the basement because we couldn't get the electricity in the coop to work. Here is a pic of mamma with a baby. The others are under her.
Ok well we will see how it goes. I will post pics once everyone is moved. Thank you for your help!
Today is hatch day!!!! She has been a diligent mamma. I have blocked the door with a bale of straw. Should I wait until Wed before I move it to be sure they have all hatched? There are only 3 eggs. I have 9 chicks that hatched in the incubator yesterday to put under her as well once they move to the heated coop. . I figure she can handle keeping them all warm and fed.
The 2 center toes are cold. The outside have warmth. She roughly hobbles a few steps then holds it up to stand in place.
I need your help. I went out to do chores this morning. I decided to throw the last of the scratch grain outside to try to get the chickens OUTSIDE instead of in all day. I noticed a pulley couldn't get over to the food and she was hunched down. I just thought she was cold so I picked her up to carry her over. Then I noticed her foot was smashed. I must have stepped on her during feeding time at some point. Thee skin in the foot is pealing the pad is huge and kind of...
My turkeys are very gentle. You won't have any trouble with your kids. They will be more inclined to run away from them than to peck and scratch if teased. You will need to be careful of them being at eye level of your kids. They are very curious and might peck at a moving eyeball. They don't do it out of anger or anything. They just want to figure out what it is. Turkey poults are more fragile for the first few weeks. Your kids will need to be extra gentle when handling...
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