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Sorry I have the images backward but you get the idea.
WARNING GRAPHIC PHOTOS!!!!!!!!!! Well I ender up putting her out of her misery. She got to the point of not walking. I opens her up to see for sure what was going on. She is the second hen in a month whith this problem. Once I opened her up the first thing I saw was this. In the first photo it looks like a piece of hot dog. When you cut it open, you see tissue that looks a little like waxed paper with cheese. We had found a couple of these in the laying boxes in...
Thank you. Her crop feels fine. Her stool is watery with yellow and white coloring. I thought it was probably an egg broke inside but wanted confirmation. Her abdomen feels full like a water balloon. I have not given her a vent exam but am on my way home now so I will check her soon.
Here are the symptoms: Sluggish Sits on roost most of the day When she walks she moves very slow and wattles Her shanks and feet feel very hot to the touch Her abdomen is full but not bulbous and feels like a water balloon Pooping pale yellow liquid Her comb is thin and dry I thought she was egg bound but she doesn't feel like she has an egg in her abdomen. Any help would be appreciated!
Here are some of our new babies. They are all mixed breeds of Rouen, Pekin, fawn Runner, black Swedish and Cayuga
Hi Everyone!!!! I just have to share that I incubated duck eggs for the first time and All of the 20 eggs I set hatched!!!! I couldn't believe it!!!! Here is a quick pic. I will post more later today.
I have a hen that hatched her first clutch in Feb. Since this is pretty early in the season, I figure she will start laying again before next winter. Does anyone know how long she will raise her poults before she decides to lay again?
My hen would be off her nest for about a half an hour a day. Anything longer than an hour and the eggs will cool too much.
My new self blue babies!!! They hatched on the 12th of Feb. They are really growing!
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