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These are 3 of my babies from last year from Clif nice nice birds    
Hey everyone talking about frostbite on combs. I have Leghorns and other large single combed breeds. I was told to use Redkote(cote sp?) on their combs. It is WONDERFUL. I had a hen who had her whole comb white, I used the redkote and it came back within a week. I forgot to spray it again so she got frostbite again and did lose some points but not really too bad, originally she would have lost the whole comb. It stays on for several days.  I am still not sure about a...
Don't worry we have a Barred Plymouth Rock we call Rock and we got more. We still call our hen Rock and it still fits!
Thank you for this. I think we are going to start doing this to our culls. When I say we I mean my husband. I grew up on a farm and I am used to help slaughtering but apparently I have become squeamish in my middle age ha ha ha. I am so glad I saw this, it is such a good idea. My husband had told me about this years ago but I had forgotten about it.
There's  lots in NH where in NH? I live in Me. There was a lady I bought Orps and Wyandottes from in I think it was Epping. Although I am not sure I will look for her emails.
nice color!
If you ever decide to ship let me know looking for a good MF Cochin roo
Do you think I have a decent start. Couldn't get my splash to stand for me.      
Does anyone have a breeding age solid black roo from good lines available? I had to cull all the roos I had. I have a Splash roo who is growing out which is fine but that means I will only get Splash this year as I have 2 splash hens and even then not until late July and that's if he figures out what to do early. I do have a blue hen but she is kind of small and I was thinking of culling her from the program. I have been looking all winter and can't find anything. I do...
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