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11 lb Plastic Hanging Feeder

81% Positive Reviews
Rated #2 in Feeders


Pros: Hangs, holds a nice amount of feed.

Cons: It is always coming apart, and the feed gets stuck in it.

I bought one of these second hand, and overall, it is an ok feeder, but the feed always gets stuck, even with dry, semi fine food, and you constantly have to make sure it is not about to fall apart.


Pros: It hangs and it is big enough so u dont have to fill it up as often

Cons: The bottom screw needs to always be tighten

I have had 2 of these feeders for about a month. When I got them the bottoms completely fell and i was worried it would always Fall off. But it really hasn't fell but we makesure the screw is always tight. Not the best feeder their is but its doing the


Pros: it is good for grown chicken and turkeys.

Cons: the screw keeps coming out!

its a love/hate feeder, the screw in the bottom kept falling off,so the bottom where the feed comes out kept falling off, so now I have a tray feeder with a white thing hanging from the ceiling, and my chickens hit it all the time when they fly off the roost.  I would not get this feeder. :rant


Pros: Easy to find

Cons: Shoddy quality, easily tipped, broke almost immediatly

I bought one of these when my chicks outgrew their baby feeder. It was broken within days. Just fell apart. Plus, it tipped over easily and just slopped feed EVERYWHERE.


Pros: Holds plenty of feed, chickens like it

Cons: The base can screw off, and it broke after 1 1/2 years

This was the first feeder I got for my chickens. It holds enough feed for my four hens that I only have to refill it once every 1-1 1/2 weeks. I hung mine on a chain, and it was very easy to raise as my chickens got older. 


One problem with it is that the base can be screwed off when the chickens cause it to turn in circles. This happened to me about three times during the time I used it. This feeder broke (the braces inside snapped) after 1 1/2 years. This is a pretty good length of time, considering I kept it outside.


Pros: Design always keeps the tray full

Cons: Falls down

Another review noted this feeder might not work with mash, but it does work well with pellets.  The only downside is the the chickens can  spin it around and the wing nut comes loose.  I find it on the ground from time to time, especially when it's empty.  However, the feed always refills the tray because there is a cone inside that sends the pellets down.  Metal feeders don't have that feature.


Pros: good price, less waste, sturdy

Cons: feed gets stuck

This thing looks great and seems like it should work but for some reason the feed (which is finely ground grains) does not come out. It gets clogged and the chickens eat the food and it never refills. I would still recommend this though just because everyone else seems to like this and it is probably just the feed that is causing these problems. It keeps clumping together.


Pros: No waste, hanging

Cons: No cons for me

I use this in my coop. I have it hanging so the girls can't jump on top. I see no waste from this but I do keep it relatively high. It is adjustable for how much feed you want it to fill with. That will allow you also to adjust if for if you are using small pellets or crumble.
I have 6 chickens and this is the only feeder I currently use.
This does the job I want a feeder to do.big_smile.png
11 lb Plastic Hanging Feeder

These economy priced feeders are designed exclusively for the hobbyist. Feed saver lips minimize spillage. The 11 lb. & 22 lb. feeders feature adjustable levels. Anti-Scratch vanes help prevent crowding and feed waste.

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