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Friendly natured and beautiful describe the Aloha.

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Pros: Sweet, eye-candy, friendly, regular layer

Cons: smallish eggs, noisy, broody often (at least once a month)

My Maizee is an Aloha that was rejected from the breeding group due to her green legs. Other than that, she's a perfet example of the breed. She lays beautiful smallish cream coloured eggs pretty regularly. She's still laying even though the rest of the flock is slacking. She is pretty noisy. She always greets me with a very loud welcome, and continues to welcome me about 5 minutes after I walk in the coop. She's friendly, hopping right onto my lap when I sit down. She gets broody often, which really isn't a problm because of her sweet nature. She has never pecked me or scratched me when I lift her up to get the eggs. Aloha's are nice chickens!


Hmm... I think I want some of these. Chickens sure are like potato chips, you can never have to many :P.
Until you gain 100 pounds :P
Where can I find Alohas in Tucson, AZ area? I would like to explore heat resistance (and pretty) egg-laying breeds?
I wouldn't have even noticed this new breed if a friend of mine didn't begin a Naked Neck project with them.  Very colorful and beautiful birds.  One thing to consider, the NNs are known for their fuller meaty breasts, making them a choice for Label Rouge program in France for producing superb meat qualities.
Where did you purchase yours?
What exactly are they? Are they just a breed that you bred to be extremely colorful? Why are they called "Aloha"? They seem like amazing birds.
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