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Amber Whites Reviews


Best hen we own!


Pros: Lays very well and her eggs are HUGE!

Cons: None!

Our A.W. is 3 years old now and is still laying better than our yearling hens! She lays through the winter (with a coop light on) and has the most lovely personality. When she was young we named her "Nugget" because she matured so fast we thought she was a cockeral. When we found out she was a pullet, we were super excited because of the great personality she had! She'd always follow us around, talking to us, and even seemed to enjoy being pet. We now call her "Nuggita" and she is a flock favorite! She has escaped many dog/ cat/ skunk attacks when no one else in the flock did. Smart girl!
JPs Chickens

Great Hens!


Pros: lays Constantly

Cons: none.

i have about 25 of these hens and 2 roosters i had gotten a about a year ago. These hens were quick to mature and layed through the winter. great breed to have they are not aggressive and lay a nice rich brown colored egg. 
Joanna S

Great Layers!!


Pros: Lays nice brown eggs all year long. Very sweet girls. Great free rangers.

Cons: none

This is my first chicken flock. I have three amber white hens. They lay all year round. Even through the freezing winter. They are great foragers. They are very friendly and talkative. All I have to do is open my back door and they come running. I've never had one go broody, which works for me right now since I have no rooster. These birds are a great starter for someone wanting to try chickens.



Pros: Amazing layer and meat bird.

Cons: The Amber Whites is not a full year layer.

I got this bird for my new flock,so I didn't know anything about it but it turned out to be a great layer and goes broody at the right times!!!I love my AW(Amber White)



Pros: Friendly, active forager, docile, alert

Cons: small

I have wyandotte mixed LF hens that are about double the size of my amber. She lays like a champ though.
Flock Master64

2 thumbs up


Pros: Friendly and good with children, decent layers and do well in cold, hot and wet weather

Cons: None

Overall I'd say they're a very good breed. I have two Amber Whites named Jelly-Bean aka The Bean and Merlina. They are both very friendly and do very well with my younger brother and sister, they like to be held and pet. They lay average size brown eggs that have a very hard shell and they lay usually one egg per day. They do well in hot, dry, cold and wet weather. I would recommend this breed.
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