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Best breed for me!

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Pros: Beautiful eggs, self-relient, variety of feather colors

Cons: None

Personally, this is my favorite breed.
I have a mixed flock and have to say, the Americauna takes the cake for me. I don't like a bird that is very dependent on me, I used to love my barred rocks for that reason but then it became annoying. I like an independent bird. The different colored varieties make it so much fun to "collect them all." I currently have a blue wheaten americauna rooster, 2 red hens, a blue, black, and 2 splash americauna hens. They are generally a friendly breed with other flock members but stick closer to the top of the pecking order in my home. The bearded ladies are just the best, their little fuzz ball babies with the chipmunk cheeks.. just love it. Mine are excellent foragers and do well with avoiding predators. The reason I say that is because my barred rock was too friendly with the wrong creatures, my americauna's don't take the risk and I like that. 


I bought 3 hens and a roo that were over 1 yr old.  They definitely don't like being picked up....not even to put them in the right chicken house at night.  Good think I wear long gauntlet gloves or their pecks would hurt!
But we are the new Ameracauna. High on legal marijuana. Raised on Biggie and Nirvana. We are the new Ameracauna.
BackYard Chickens › Breeds & Supplies › Chicken Breeds › Ameraucana › Reviews › melishkia's Review