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Pros: roosters have awsome colors, ok with being held

Cons: can be mean to other chickens

My ameraucana rooster, Blue, is one of the perttiest roosters i have seen, he is a Blue Wheaten, but when it comes to putting out the feed in the mornig he trys to chase the hens away for like 10-20 min but he gets over it after that. Hes really good when it comes to being held, he even lets me file down his spers when they get really sharp.


Where can I buy some adult Americaucanas? I had a pair long ago. I traded another rooster for the A . rooster. I had a few other roosters in the flock. I caged him for about 3 days so he would get used to the area. When I let him loose he fought with every other rooster and won. He was the master after that! He was all colors of the rainbow and was not aggressive to humans, as some of the other roosters were.
A neighbors dogs killed 11 of my chickens. He is replacing them. I want adult birds. I had Australorps and would like some again but will take the Americaunas if I can find some.
You should check outh the ameraucana website there is a list of breeders, you could call the ones in your area and see what they have, i got mine from a small breeder in my area.
Also check with your state thread..we have several people in Utah that breed and sell them but they are not in the directory, they are on the state thread frequently though
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